Published On: Fri, May 22nd, 2015

Jobsite Trailers – Portable Restrooms for the Construction Industry

People who work on construction sites or other such working environments often require alternative methods of using restrooms. Having a place to use the toilet at work is a right that employees have, and this can be difficult on sites that do not have any fixed buildings.

This is where jobsite trailers come in, however, which can be created in such a way that they fully meet the needs of the people who are using it. Indeed, they can be as simple as a portaloo to something as luxurious as a marble top full bathroom. Additionally, they include all the services that are needed, including running water, electrical service, sewer hook ups and more.

Changing Needs and Facilities

Construction sites often have rapidly changing needs. As they construct a building, some utilities will be connected, which in turn means that their restroom needs change as well. A brand new site will not have any sewer or water hookups. This means that the job site trailers also have to come with waste tanks and water tanks. However, once some of the utilities have been hooked up, they could do with restrooms that don’t need separate tanks. Luckily, these trailers can often be changed as and when required.

As these types of job site trailers are standalone units, they are incredibly flexible. Because of this flexibility, when a site’s needs change, the unit can change as well. This is true regardless of the size and style of the trailer. Some of the more luxurious models, for instance, will include a fully constructed restroom inside, needing only a separate waste and water tank. Others, however, do not have restrooms and is simply an empty unit. These would need to include a toilet that can be added later. These types are particularly useful if there is a chance that there are both male and female staff members and they require a lavatory facility each. Finally, for those who have limited space available, there are some very small units that only hold a self-contained toilet.

port potty restroom portable bathroom

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Some Things to Consider

One of the vital elements to think about if you are considering using job site trailers is how they will cope during the winter. Because these units use water, they must have facilities in place to stop them from freezing over if it gets too cold. Usually, the tanks that are installed at the bottom of each trailer will be heat traced. This will stop them from freezing over. Additionally, water tanks inside the unit need to be heat controlled. You should be given instructions on how to check and maintain this.

Component based job site trailers are a perfect solution so long as you plan properly and maintain them as per instructions. They are flexible, easy to get and will grow with your personal needs. And once your construction project has been completed, they can simply be returned to the company you rented the units of in the first place.

Guest Author: Lolita Di

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    Portable toilets have indeed become the best choice of many. Loved your post. 🙂

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