Published On: Mon, Feb 18th, 2019

Is joining social media a viable marketing strategy for your brand?

Millions of brands are active on social media because it offers them access to billions of users. Business trends suggest a shift towards internet sales, with the avenue recording a significant increase for the 12th consecutive year. While the billions of social media users are active across different platforms, each one offers brands an effective way to reach interested followers.

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You can promote your brand and products on Facebook through paid ads, which can be developed to target people by demographic markers, recent activity and online preferences. On Twitter, you can promote your posts for higher visibility levels. You may have trouble gaining followers or engagement for your brand’s activity on Instagram, but you can buy custom instagram comments for your post to increase their popularity and raise interest in your brand. All these paid options allow you to reach your business goals, but viable free and organic alternatives exist, ensuring that you can grow your brand without using up your advertising budget.

Can social media help your brand?

Social media can be a great platform to market your brand. There are billions of active monthly followers who have a high interest in brands. Up to 80% of users on some platforms follow at least one brand, with the figure as high as 95% for certain demographics. You should consider setting up on social media because it offers great benefit for your business. Here are a few ways you could stand to benefit by going on social media.

Boosts user trust levels

More people are going online to research brands before making their purchases from the web. Having an active social media with detailed contact and location information will make them more likely to trust your brand, and could positively affect their decision to make a purchase or trust information provided.
You should consider setting up similar location and contact markers for all your social media pages. Brands with unmatched information may arouse suspicion, which could impact any decision to buy. You should also maintain regular activity across all social platforms on which your brand is active.

Increases brand awareness

More people will be able to see your brand on social media, since it has an active capacity of about 3.5 billion users. You will be better able to reach your target demographics through paid advertising campaigns, and may drive up conversion rates to your brand’s products and services through targeted remarketing campaigns.

By being active on social media, more people are able to find out about your business and may consider building a relationship with your brand. Strategic social media marketing campaigns could help raise your brand’s awareness and popularity levels. This could translate to a boost in the overall level of sales, and help spark growth.

How to maximize the benefit of social media for your brand

Few social media campaigns thrive on luck alone. You need to develop a thoroughly researched marketing strategy to help reach your desired audiences and draw the sort of reaction that will help you achieve specific business goals.  Here are a few social media best practices to ensure your brand performs to your expectations on social media.

Posting regularly

You will only be able to develop a loyal following by maintaining regular activity on your social media pages. This means that you should post regularly across the different platforms on which you are active. You need to consider your resources before setting up social media pages across different platforms because you may be unable to monitor and run all of them efficiently.

Aside from scheduling posts, you may consider hiring a social media team to ensure post timeliness are not missed. You will be able to better maximize high traffic times, which could help grow your brand exposure. You could research average posting frequencies for successful brands across these platforms to be able to develop a great schedule for your brand.

Diversifying your content

You cannot create a loyal following by sharing the same type of content. No matter how great the initial impact one type of content may have for your brand on social media, it will become stale for your followers over time. You will be likely to lose followers by failing to provide engaging and diverse content.

Brands should consider leveraging different types of content in their posts. Combining different types will pages attract higher interest, because different types of content will raise user interest in your brand. you will also be better able to benefit from the ability of different types of content to attract user interest, with the variety of options available ensuring users retain interest in your social media activity.

Using paid ads

getting the right traction for your social media activity can be challenging online. While it offers more users and better targeting metrics than traditional media avenues for advertising such as print and TV, any efforts to reach specific users organically may take a lot of time. You will only enjoy limited benefit from social media because it will take a long tie to reach your goals.

You can use paid advertising measures, which differ across each platform, to help improve the efficiency of your marketing efforts. Paid advertising campaigns are usually inexpensive. Some features may be available for as low as $1, but could have an immeasurable impact on your brand.

Remarketing your campaigns

Remarketing will help you reach potentially interested users who may have canceled a sale previously. it allows brand to capitalize on a potentially great avenue for conversion levels, with these users more likely to make purchases than new customers.

Up to 70% of users will not make a purchase on the internet because of high shipping costs, insufficient balances, Inflated costs and lack of research on the product or brand. However these users usually have some interest in your brand and could be more likely t o make a purchase than new customers. Remarketing targets these customers and advertises a product or service that they have previously shown an interest in. This type of marketing will offer the best rate of returns for social media driven campaigns.

Author: Zeeshan Khan

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