Published On: Tue, Dec 11th, 2018

Is Construction a Good Industry to Get Into?

Construction is a global industry. From multi-billion-dollar civil engineering projects such as the Interstate Highway System ($459 billion) and the California High-Speed Rail project ($33 billion+) to building homes in your state, there is always a need for construction professionals. The world will always require roads, airports, office blocks, dams, bridges, homes, and more. We live in an industrialized society and mass construction helps to build economies.

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If you are thinking about different careers, construction may be on your list. In this article, we are going to look at why construction is a good industry to get into.

Plenty of Jobs Available

The US construction industry is booming, but because there are not enough trained people to fill the demand for personnel, productivity is behind schedule. Demand for affordable housing has never been higher, yet 91% of contractors are finding it hard to find enough skilled workers. 37% of them say the problem is getting worse.

The time is ripe for a lucrative career in construction. There are more jobs than you can shake a stick at and employers are queuing up to hire people with the requisite skills. Whether you want to be a bricklayer, carpenter, or civil engineer, you can look forward to a busy career for the foreseeable future.

Construction is Well-Paid

There was a time when ordinary folk looked down on construction careers. They saw it as a low-paid job suitable only for people who lacked the academic skills to pursue a better career. Well, times have changed. Wearing a hard hat these days earns you a decent wage. Young people who enter the construction industry can expect to earn more than their peers in desk jobs. The top 10% of careers earn around $63k a year, but those with specialist skills can earn a lot more due to a shortage of skilled staff.

Young people entering the construction industry can expect to earn good money straight out of school. Instead of racking up huge debts and graduating with a junk degree, you can go to college part-time and learn valuable skills via an apprenticeship, often paid for by your employer. Once you are fully certified, the world is your oyster.

Construction is a Lifelong Career

Once you have the skills, you are guaranteed a job for life. Construction methods change over time, but the same basic skills are evergreen. We build homes from timber the same way it’s been done for decades. Anyone with a bit of ambition can work their way up from jobs on-site to management positions. Many skills you learn as a young person are transferable too, so if you want to make a sideways jump into a different career, it’s not impossible.

For example, a skilled builder could easily set up as an entrepreneur, providing equipment to constructions sites, such as tools, machinery, plant, and even porta potty rentals. There is no limit to what you can do once you enter the construction industry.

Becoming a construction professional is never boring and no two days are the same. Get certified and travel the world. What’s not to like about that?

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