Published On: Mon, Jun 25th, 2018

Innovative Ways To Foster Prospect Interaction

In business, it is not enough for a business to think it is successful if it is able to keep their existing clients happy. Inevitably, clients leave: some move, some stop needing your product or service, and some just drop off the planet with no messages whatsoever–which means your business is losing clients due to simple attrition. What you need, what all businesses need is a way to market themselves to continually attract new clients to their businesses. In order to attract new business, new customer leads need to be generated so that businesses can talk to these leads for potential new business. In the past, this meant you would go door to door looking for clients. However, new software and applications work to bring the client to you. There are several software tools available for you to make the most of new prospect interactions, so they can become clients.

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Tracking New Prospects

In the past, tracking both customers and prospects has been difficult, because all of your customer contacts were paper-based or listed in a database. Neither of these choices was a good one because it left customer and prospect lists as stagnant, and difficult to interact with. Now, there are tools that will help businesses to track new products.

For example ProsperWorks, a CRM tool that is integrated within Google, allows businesses to track existing customers as well as new prospects. ProsperWorksis able to generate leads for your business based on what that business or those businesses have looked at in the past, and what the analytic tools have stated would make a good customer-business fit. ProsperWorks generates lists of leads for you to follow for people or businesses that have already demonstrated a want or a need for a specific product you have, which makes it much easier to interact with them.

Another way to find new customers is to develop business relationships with many different types of businesses so that you can help them identify their problems, as well as get leads from them about the customers they were not able to help, as some businesses are more suited for helping clients than others. For example, if your business sells feathered pens, and you have a client who is coming in to look for a marker that writes with disappearing ink, it would be much easier for you to refer him to your friend who sells disappearing ink just down the street. Your customer would be happy, and your colleague would be happy as well, and may throw business your way. Now, businesses are able to collaborate and share clients and client needs through online tools, which streamlines the entire process.

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Once You Find a New Prospect, Then What?

Finding a new prospect is half the battle. You’ve used ProsperWorks or another tool to help you find people who may need the services your business provides. How do you make contact with those prospects and help them feel comfortable? One of the most important tools in the box of any business is to listen closely to what the client says they need and be able to respond to that need effectively. If the client feels you are not listening, he or she may shut down, and your business opportunity is lost.

Second, if you tell a client you are going to do something for them, or check into some research for them, be sure and get that done as quickly as you can. If you are swamped and it will be another day or so, be sure and let them know that. G Suite and ProsperWorks allow you to keep in touch with potential clients so they don’t think you’ve forgotten about them.

Stay in Touch With Your Clients and Prospective Clients

It is not enough for you to stay in touch with those clients you adore talking to. Sure, they are easy to chat with, and you come away feeling great because they tell you how great you are. But these customers do not represent your entire customer base. Instead, they represent a fraction of your customers and potential customers.

Research has shown that it pays to keep in constant communication with your leads and clients. Listen to them if they are telling you there is something new they need. Send out emails for those leads and clients that may benefit from a new product you have. If they want to know how much the product or service would be, send them a mockup invoice, and offer them a discount. Remember their birthdays and send them an email if you see their business was publicized for good sales and service. It is just as important to keep in touch with your new prospects and clients as it is to continue to keep up with your older clients who have been with you from the beginning.

There are many different kinds of software available to help you keep track of all your clients. In addition to ProsperWare, SalesForce and SalesView, as well as SugarCRM allow businesses to track client purchases and interact with clients. Constant Content is an email service that delivers to their business clients fresh, appealing emails with news about sales, events and discounts only available to newsletter or email subscribers–which makes these clients feel they’ve entered an exclusive club.

In business, if you are not moving up and gaining ground, someone will pass you by. In the past, that happened very slowly, because the pace of business was slower. However, with the technology the pace of business moves at a lightning speed, and businesses must keep up if they are going to find and retain customers. If a business is able to find clients through lead generation, meet with those clients and listen to what they need or what problems they have, and work to solve those problems for the client–they may gain in business, especially if they use today’s technology to improve business contacts and relationships, so that the client always feels as if they are the most important client the business has.

Author: Alfaiz Ahmed

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