Published On: Tue, Nov 27th, 2018

Increasing Social Interaction is Key to Success in Web Design

In the past, when you said web design, people immediately thought of the aesthetic appeal of a website. If you can remember the early versions of modern websites, some pages had colourful backgrounds, lots of videos and sounds, crazy fonts, and many other things. They are all useful in making the site look appealing and extraordinary. However, they don’t necessarily help in making the website accessible.

Today, the goal is no longer to make the site look pretty. More importantly, sites need to be useful for the visitors. Whether they are looking for information or they need to buy products, it is crucial to have a quality website.

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One of the most useful methods to boost a site is to enhance social interaction. Visitors need to feel that the page is alive. If you need help from experts in website design Oxford has plenty of options, they will find ways to ensure that your website becomes appealing in many ways.

Provide testimonials

Visitors need to know that the information they read does not only come from the company. They also need reviews and testimonials from regular people. They need proof that the business is true to its promise to people buying the products or services. The unique thing about testimonials is that there are regular people whom the company did not pay but are willing to put their names and even faces out there to show that they support the products and services.

Interactive information

You see some websites with visitor counters. Others also include the social media numbers on top of the page. These things are part of the social proof. If visitors see that there are hundreds upon thousands of other visitors checking your website out, they might realise that your brand is famous. The same applies to the social media numbers on the top portion of the page.  

To take it a step further, you also need to make it easy for them to be a part of such interaction. You need to find a way for them to share, like, and comment without going through several steps. They might be checking out your site, but when they share the information using their social media accounts, they can convince others in their circle to do the same.

Chat boxes

You need to have a website with a chat box to make it easy for people to interact directly with a representative of your company. They might want to buy products or make reservations but be hesitant since they need to find more information. When you make it easy for them to send a message to a representative, they can immediately decide whether they will buy or not. It helps in improving your sales which is ultimately the goal of running the website.

It takes a lot to convince people to buy what you offer them, but if they can see these interactions, and you make them understand how popular your brand is, they will purchase soon.

Author: Joana Green

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