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Important Facts to Know When Shopping for the Right Humidifier: Best Humidifiers Reviews

You want to carry out a bit of research before shopping for a humidifier so that you buy the best one at a price that matches your budget. If you’re still unsure whether you need one, use a hygrometer to measure the level of humidity in your home. It’s an affordable way of determining whether the air in your home is good for you.

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What type of humidifier do you need?

The first step to shopping for a humidifier is determining the type that is best suited for your home: cool/warm mist or dual purpose. You might want to do a little research on the difference between these units in order to choose the right one.

Some people believe that cool mist humidifiers are safer if you have young children in your home. Models that humidify as well as purify air are available at an additional cost should you want one.

Humidification processes

Humidifiers use one of two processes to create moisture: the evaporative process, which is the most common and affordable, and the ultrasonic method, which generates a finer vapor or mist.

Both processes are available for cool or warm mist models. Since it doesn’t generate steam through boiling water, the ultrasonic process is considered the safer of the two. The evaporative process is potentially hazardous because the boiling water can cause injury in the event that it is knocked over.

Different types of humidifiers

The various styles of humidifiers include flow-through bypass or console, portable and personal.

Console models are large units with wheels. Also referred to as whole-house units, these models are powerful and efficient. Flow-through humidifiers are whole-house units that are integrated into your home’s duct system.

In contrast, personal humidifiers are compact units with a capacity of up to one liter. You can usually carry these units with you to any place where you need the air humidified. These highly portable models have varying capacities ranging from large to compact sizes. They are typically used in the living area or the bedroom.

Selecting the right capacity

It is important that you choose an appropriately sized humidifier for your home or room. Square footage is the rating commonly used for humidifiers coverage area, so the first step is taking the measurements of your room in order to get the best dehumidifier 2018. Small rooms such as bedrooms will do fine with 700-square-feet models.

You don’t want to get a unit that is too large for the room because in will create too much moisture, which will fog the windows and foster growth of mildew and harmful bacteria. Be sure not to confuse the capacity indicated on the humidifier packaging with the moisture output, which will exceed the capacity of the water tank. Usually, the size of the water tank is a matter of convenience.

Humidifiers are very useful in winter months when the heating system is on. Also note that you may need a dehumidifier to remove excess air moisture in your home during spring and fall.

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