Published On: Sat, May 22nd, 2010

Immigration Crisis: Is Dora really the enemy?

There is so much media attention over the Arizona’s controversial  immigration law, it’s hard not to pay attention to what’s been going on.  While immigration remains to be a major problem that no one has the stones to fix or wants to fix, the looming question still is, where do we go from here?

A doctored picture has been circulating around the globe for the past year but has recently received more attention. This picture is claiming that Dora the Explorer has committed a crime; Dora’s crime – illegal border crossing and resisting arrest. Now normally I would have looked at this as another internet prank, tasteless and ridiculous; however, it was this picture that really set me in motion AND the comments by some of our “experts”.

Check out the photo at the bottom

University of Cincinnati sociology professor Erynn Masi de Casanova said:

“Dora is kind of a blank screen onto which people can project their thoughts and feelings, they feel like they can say negative things because she is only a cartoon.”

This picture is actually being used for and against the new Arizona law, some say Dora is an outsider and doesn’t belong here while others are saying she’s a likable cartoon symbol that many can relate to.

Okay, let’s stop for just a minute and look at what has been said so far and really try to ingest this. We actually have arguments on both sides, with input from our experts on whether Dora the Explorer (reminder-she’s a cartoon that makes kids happy) is here illegally or not.

For the past ten years this cute little cartoon has been teaching our kids the English alphabet, colors and some Spanish phrases on Nickelodeon TV, and get this, the representatives at Nickelodeon declined to comment on Dora’s background, and her place of birth and immigration status have never been made clear.

Now, has anyone commented on the fact that Dora, in her picture has a black eye and a bloodied nose and mouth. Do our border patrol agents routinely beat up all the immigrants that try to illegally enter our country?

Why don’t we try this, pull back the curtain and try to gaze into the future: Do we like where we are going and what we as a society have become? What happens when we stop making the right choices?

Lets try to keep our eye on the ball and concentrate on the real life problems associated with illegal immigration.

As for Dora, I guess her status will remain a mystery.

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