Published On: Fri, Feb 15th, 2019

How Wooden Garage Doors Can Increase Your Property’s Value


  • Let’s start with some simple facts.


Firstly, most people’s homes face the street which means their garage is also street facing, which further means that the garage doors can claim in some cases as much as a quarter of the area of this frontal elevation.

Secondly, first impressions are everything and that applies to buildings as much as people. Think what impression you might have of someone who shows up for a meeting wearing a tatty T-shirt that’s missed its last two appointments with the washing machine? The same applies to your house (and by association, you, the owner) when someone gives it the once-over from the street or comes up the drive.

So it should be obvious then, that if you’re trying to increase the value or sale-ability of your property and your garage doors don’t look the part then you’ve just done the equivalent of turning up for a crucial interview with pizza stains down your front. And as we all know, it’s an uphill struggle to turn around a negative first impression.


  • Wooden Garage Doors Account For Much Of A Property’s Frontage


Another reason to focus on your garage doors is not simply because they’re one of the most in-your-face aspects of many houses, but because garage remodeling is becoming an important consideration for modern home owners. Garage remodeling is among the quickest, easiest and cheapest ways to add space to your home and is fast becoming a primary home improvement strategy.

Even if you neither particularly need or want an additional space (for a workshop or games room or gym or utility room or whatever) you should bear in mind that potential buyers very likely will look at the potential for the garage beyond just storing automobiles and garden tools.

And when looking at a garage, guess what it is that keeps getting in their face and screaming either “usable space” or “waste of space”? Yes, it’s superficial view of things but that’s how people are, so in addition to paying attention to the quality of the doors it might also pay you to consider installing decent garage storage systems to tidy the place up.

Another consideration for many these days is security – both personal safety and protection of valuables. secure garage doors prevent intruders gaining access to what is all too often one of the weakest links in most people’s security arrangements.

Further interesting evidence for the importance of paying attention to your garage doors comes from a recent survey which revealed that for both men and women the garage door is now ahead of the front door as the most used exterior door when entering the home. This attests to the superior ease of use of modern garage doors and the level of security, especially with remote control operation.

So garage doors are more important than many people ever think about, but what are the best ones to go for? The answer to that is simple: wooden garage doors. Just as real wood window frames put PVC and aluminum in the shade, wood garage doors simply look more attractive and feel sturdier than metal doors. They are also easy to keep looking good, extremely versatile and simple to maintain. If need be for example, you can cut window inserts into the doors to allow light through.

So to sum up then, garage doors take up a big chunk of what folk see when they look at your house and the best way to boost their perception of your house and its potential value is to install attractive wooden garage doors. For more articles and Tips please visit Canadian garage Door repair Calgary overhead repair and replacement service in Calgary AB.

Author: Brian Nill

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