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How to watch American Netflix outside US?

When exhausted working days give way to days off, people want to enjoy every minute of their spare time. Some of us prefer reading a book, others like going for a walk to be active and healthy. Another popular pastime is watching TV shows online. Netflix is ​​one of the most famous web sites that provide a movie gallery. This resource operates in 130 countries and is notable for its extensive customer base. Since the online cinema is American one, it is governed by strict copyright laws. For example, the users from other countries won’t be able to get full access to the Netflix materials.

UK Netflix library, for example, offers 1000 less shows if compared to US Netflix. But there is the way out. Installing a VPN will let you pretend being in a different country be it US, UK or any other place around the globe, and will give you access to the whole Netflix library. Most VPNs run on all the popular platforms. Therefore, you will not only be able to access US Netflix on your PC or Mac during weekend, but you will also have the best VPN for Android for watching TV shows, say, while having your lunch in the office.

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How does a VPN help to use Netflix without any hindrance?

You may wonder why would Netflix apply regional restrictions in the first place? It is actually plain and simple: if the license to broadcast a program doesn’t belong to Netflix, the server is forbidden to show it outside the United States. And here’s when VPNs come into play.

For illustrative purposes let’s compare a VPN with a mask that hides a person’s face and allows him or her staying unnoticed or changing the appearance for a while. The program assigns a new IP address of another country to any user device for hiding its current location. American servers on your VPNs will give you a chance of taking a virtual trip to the USA and having the full version of the Netflix catalog. It is important to choose the VPN that has many servers in US. This will provide a stable connection and let you enjoy streaming with no buffering.

VPNs examples to watch Netflix

The software is available in two versions: free and paid ones. Most commonly the first one involves a limited operating time and a low data transfer speed. Moreover, free VPNs are not always safe. It is easy to implement a potentially dangerous software in the program installation file to hack your device later. The biggest drawback for Netflix fans, though, is that most free VPN services would not unblock Netflix.

Paid services, on the other hand, will bring you the following advantages:

  • a high level of confidentiality and, accordingly, of security;
  • fast data exchange between the user and the Internet;
  • a user-friendly interface;
  • adaptive settings.

Mind that not all the paid VPNs manage to overcome the Netflix ban. You can watch American Netflix thanks to the following VPNs:

  • Hotspot Shield;
  • ExpressVPN;
  • Strong VPN;
  • VyprVPN;
  • NordVPN.

Despite the fact that since January 2016 Netflix representatives have decided to block any VPN operation, paid program versions continue expanding the base of servers and available IP addresses. All the taken measures are aimed at reducing the number of cases when a previously blocked IP address is reassigned to another user. This kind of a VPN software is a reliable way to watch Netflix videos regardless of your country and to enjoy the best American TV shows at any time of the day!

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