Published On: Fri, Aug 24th, 2018

How to Organize a Business Conference

Organizing a professional business conference is an intimidating work. You need to consider a lot of aspects including the budget, snacks, guest speakers, and many more. However, don’t panic! If you are planning to organize a conference soon, this article will provide you with a clear process to ensure you will run a successful event.

What is the value of a business conference?

Before anything else, let’s understand why companies plan one and why should you. What is the value of a business conference? Why do you need it? Business conferences boost the overall performance of a company. Some specific goals of business conferences are the following:

  • Gain a good reputation from the attendees
  • Become more visible in the market with a stronger brand name
  • Create a wider network

Now, let’s proceed.

photo/ Gerd Altmann

Select a Topic

By selecting a topic, you will know the limits or scope of your conference. As a result, you will have several options to choose from until you narrow a goal. A smart conference is one that focuses on a clear topic the participants will understand. When you try to teach every aspect, the participants will get confused and won’t listen to your presentation.  In addition, selecting your topic or theme can help you identify the target participants and marketing approach.

Plan Your Venue

The venue plays a vital part in the success of your business conference. There are a lot of venues out there to choose from. However, to find the best one, you have to make sure it matches your company’s goal. If your company wants a more formal discussion, probably, a minimalist venue will do the job. However, if your company aims a vivid and more interactive conference, a resort might be an option.  In addition, in choosing a venue, you should consider the travel distance of your target participants.  Furthermore, the earlier you check the venue, the better.

If you are looking for great space rental in Montreal that can host up to 800 people, check out Centre Mont-Royal.

Create a Marketing Plan

Of course, the topic and the venue are useless if you don’t have participants. In order to attract them, creating a marketing plan is your friend. This plan should include social media advertisements, flyers, personal invitations, or e-mail.

Write the purpose of your conference and reasons for joining. Spread the word for a month until the day before the event. In addition, you can use infographics when marketing through Facebook or Twitter. 30% of marketers use them to market their event and had proven it effective.

Stream Live

The conference is more likely to get attention when streamed live. In addition, home-based people who wish to be at the conference will have the chance to join in the discussion. As a result, while you create a strong presence online, you also get people’s trust.

Get Everything Else Set  

After all, the most important thing is to get your message across to the participants. First, prepare all your presentation materials as well as how you present it. Secondly, talk to your guest speakers ahead of time if ever you plan to invite any. Finally, check the sound system to prevent technical errors.  In addition, provide pens, writing notes, and so on. If possible, give a hard copy. More importantly, don’t forget the snacks!

While it’s true that organizing a business conference is a hard task, following these important points can make it easier and fun and will help you ensure a successful event.

Author: Jonas Fiedler

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