Published On: Sun, Jan 28th, 2018

How To Keep Your Toilet Clean

Toilets are naturally viewed as one of, if not the dirtiest part of your home. But it doesn’t have to be this way. As a matter of fact, that shouldn’t be the case at all, as there are a variety of ways you can keep your toilet perfectly clean and hygienic, ensuring that you’re comfortable and safe every time you or your family and friends use it.

It goes without saying that keeping a toilet perfectly clean and shiny can be tough. Don’t stress. With a few quick and easy methods, your toilet will be as good as new. All you need are a few basic household products that are likely already sitting on your shelf.  

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Utilize The Acidity Of Kool-Aid

You might have heard of this tip before and are wondering what purpose 25 cent juice concentrate would have anywhere near your toilet. Well, it turns out that the acidity found in certain Kool-Aid flavors, namely lemon, is great for removing the scum rings that appear over time around the inner rim of your toilet.

Simply purchase a few packs of the concentrate, mix with a bit of water and slowly pour it around the area where the dirt lies. Repeat when necessary to avoid seeing those unsightly marks ever again.

Note The Syphon Jets

An often overlooked component of your toilet is the area where the water pours out. Most owners would naturally assume that the place the water comes from would stay clean, as it gets automatically rinsed every time you flush. However, this is usually not the case and dirt tends to build up around the small openings.

You could use a traditional toilet cleaner solution by pouring it onto a toilet brush, or you could purchase a bottle that curves upwards, allowing you to squeeze it and clean the hard to reach areas. An even better alternative is to turn the water off, put some tape over the jets and then flush down some vinegar to clean the pipes at the same time.

Use A Fizzing Tablet

This clever DIY remedy is perfect for keeping your toilet clean on a daily basis. All you’ll need is some citric acid, baking soda, and the following essential oils: peppermint, lemon and lavender. Mix them up, add water and stick them in an ice cube tray. Leave them to set for up to 24 hours and then drop them in your toilet every now and then for a clean and pleasing smell.

If you’re skeptical as to whether this has any adverse effects on your toilet or water system, be rest assured that nothing serious will happen as the fizzing tablets will dissolve before they’re flushed anyway, preventing any chances of them blocking up your sewage. Still skeptical? Check out The Plumbing Info for more information on toilet-related topics.


These three simple steps will help ensure that your toilet is sparkling clean every day. None of them require any serious handy work and all of them are affordable. Simply build a routine around these methods and you’ll never have to worry about a dirty toilet again.

Author: Carol Trehearn

photo/ Alexandra / München via pixabay

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