Published On: Fri, Apr 19th, 2019

How to Invest in Your Employees

One of the biggest reputations that company owners fear is having a high turnover. It costs money to consistently put out the resources to recruit and hire new team members, let alone train them. One of the best ways to prevent a high turnover is to invest in your employees. Investing doesn’t necessarily involve financial rewards, however; it can simply mean making your employees feel valued within the company, which doesn’t always come with a brand new desktop computer. With this in mind, what ways can you make employees feel valued and invested in?


Ultimately, colleagues will feel invested in if they feel you are listening to their thoughts and opinions. Training and infrastructure investment is all well and good; however, what makes a company thrives are employees who listen to and understand each other. For example, listening to employees could raise unresolved issues that are depleting morale within your company. Being able to have a frank and open conversation with your employees enables you to resolve issues and improve the atmosphere in your office actively.

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Promote those with potential

It would be heart-breaking to watch a team member with lots of potential to hand in their resignation because they feel undervalued. Promoting and recognising those who could have a long career within your company is one way to invest in your employees, not only in terms of salary rises but also in terms of valuable skills. Finding those who have great managerial skills and nurturing their talent will help to retain them and reward them for their commitment.  Many companies, including Facebook, WEX and Guidepoint have all have enormous success by rewarding their employees with the opportunity to progress.  

Invest in training

For those employees who you decide to promote and progress through the ranks of management, you will want to ensure that they remain stable within their position. While talented employees will take naturally in positions they were destined to flourish in, it won’t necessarily be a smooth ride. Providing them with the essential training to help them with inevitably encountering conflict and communication problems will give them the support they need. For example, if you’re based in The Big Smoke, then London corporate training will provide you with the resources you need.

Useful equipment

If your employees rely on their equipment to successfully operate smoothly on a day-to-day basis, then old computers and software could be a reason for lack of job satisfaction. Having to motor through slowly churning programmes against a work deadline can create the feeling that the company is almost working against you. Let alone the fact that you are leaving your employees open to viruses. Investing in modern equipment is just one way of indirectly investing in your employees.

Whether you figuratively invest in your employees or literally do so, your co-workers should not just be an army of colleagues who merely get the work done. Investing in them is the same as rewarding them, which might just mean that one less resignation letter is handed in.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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