Published On: Sat, Nov 24th, 2018

How to Get 10,000 Instagram Followers in One Month

They say that marketing is a marathon and not a sprint. You must learn to be patient and roll with the punches. As you apply steady metrics of good marketing on social media and advertising platforms, you’ll see a steady increase in your following and sales.

Patience really is a virtue and will serve you well in your marketing efforts. However, waiting isn’t always the best strategy, and you can gain significant traction in your business by employing fast-growth tactics where possible.

Instagram is one platform where fast growth is not only possible, but also encouraged. As the fastest growing social media platform in the world, it’s primed for the growth of your business. Here are a few ways that you can get 10,000 Instagram followers in just one month, without buying Instagram followers.

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Automate, Automate, Automate

One of the best strategies for growing your Instagram following in a short amount of time is automation. Proving that you’re constantly engaging with your audience is key to developing a strong following, but you likely don’t have time to spend hours on Instagram daily commenting and liking posts.

If you want to get automatic Instagram followers, automation software can comment and like posts for you. It will use bots and real-time analytics to connect you with the right people on the platform, raising your following.

Just beware of poor automation software. If you choose a low-quality product, you’ll risk commenting spam on your followers’ profiles, which could get you banned or suspended, not to mention lose you followers instead of gaining them. A high-quality software that’s used by the pros is a must for rapid follower growth.

Curate Content for Your Brand

Just because a certain piece of content worked for one brand doesn’t mean it’ll work for yours. Your followers will expect consistency with your posting, and that means developing a strategy that’s on-brand.

“This part is going to take some thought and effort,” says Nathan Chan who successfully grew his Instagram platform from 0 to 10,000 followers in just two weeks.  “Consider things like: How are people going to find your content? What hashtags are you going to use? If someone searches one of these hashtags and finds your posts, are they going to be intrigued enough to click through to your account, or will they be disappointed that there’s no correlation between your post and the hashtag?”

Consumers like the sense of familiarity. Brands like Nike do so well because they’re consistent and recognizable. People know that Nike’s content is promotional, but it still instills a sense of belonging to a community, even if it’s a branded one.

Maximize Your Reach with Story Ads

Instagram Stories is perhaps the most beneficial feature for businesses on the platform. The Instagram algorithm puts preference on brands that use Stories when deciding what content to show consumers in their feeds. Additionally, 400 million followers engage with Stories on a daily basis, so you can easily maximize your reach this way.

When buying Instagram advertisements, designate that they show up in the Stories section. These ads receive 2-3 times more engagement than regular content posted to your bio, and engagement leads to loyal followers.

In order to make your Stories stand out (since they disappear after 24 hours), AdEspresso recommends using Type Mode. “Type mode allows you to create Stories without video footage or traditional images,” it says. “Instead, you can employ funky styles and fonts to narrate just your thoughts! [It’s] great for evoking a particular persona for your brand.”

Use an Editorial Calendar

Consistency in posting is mission-critical for getting 10,000 followers and beyond. Lack of posting leads to disinterest in your brand. You certainly won’t gain new followers, and your existing ones are likely to unfollow you eventually.

An editorial or content calendar is a tool many Instagrammers use to remain relevant and consistent with their content. It’s something that many brands don’t bother with, so it will give you a competitive edge.

“Get the ball rolling on your editorial calendar by going over the successful posts you learned about in step 1. Then, go and do likewise,” suggests John Lincoln of Inc.com. “Yes, copy the type of content that others have used successfully and use it yourself. Imitation isn’t just the sincerest form of flattery. It’s also a great way to promote your brand.”

He warns about copyright issues, so it’s important to be careful about the content you copy. However, you can do a similar post, since you can’t put a copyright on creative license.

Additionally, use automation software to schedule your posts. This will help you reach your audience when they’re most likely to be on the platform. Since a post receives the best engagement it will ever get within 48 hours of it being posted, you want to get your content online when the majority of your followers are logged in.  

Let Influencers Do Some Heavy Lifting

The furthest-reaching brands on Instagram don’t do all of the marketing from their own platforms. They rely on Instagram influencers who endorse your products and connect you with a significantly wider audience.

You might not be able to afford the use of a mega-influencer like Kim Kardashian, but that’s okay. Research actually shows that if you’re looking for engagement or followers, it’s better to go with micro-influencers, or those with a following between 1,000 and 10,000 followers. This group has a like rate of about 8 percent, according to Medium, because their following is super-targeted for your niche.

Medium also suggests using your budget and hashtags to help you find micro influencers that can make the biggest impact on your following. Additionally, it suggests, “Look at who follows you already. It’s a lot easier to convince someone who is already a fan to do a sponsored post because the partnership will be more authentic.”

In combination, these strategies will set you up for one of the most successful 30 days you’ve ever had. It will be a lot of work, but the rewards will last you for a lifetime.

Author: Allie Fisher

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