Published On: Mon, Nov 27th, 2017

How to Expand Your Small Business

If you own a small business, there are always opportunities for you to grow your company. The first step, of course, is to provide excellent services or products. After this, however, you may notice that your company reaches a growth plateau. Unfortunately, you can’t only be excellent at what you do — you also must know how to advertise your company and how to handle surges in your client base. There are several things you can do to begin growing your business right now, no matter what size it currently is.

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Get Involved in Your Local Community

In order to build your business, you must build good relationships with those around you. This includes other small business in your area, as well as the residents of your neighborhood, town, or city. To build good relationships and to earn a positive reputation for your business, do your best to get involved in the life of your local community. You can consider attending community meetings or setting up a booth at local fairs and festivals. Both of these will raise your profile in the community, and will also get you out of your storefront to meet new people. If you have enough space in your storefront, consider allowing the community to even hold meetings there after business hours. Even if this only occurred a few times a year, it would remind people of your business, and also allow you to show your generosity.

As with most things, people will be able to tell if your community involvement is forced or not genuine. Because of this, focus on getting involved in issues and events that you do actually care about. This will allow you to channel your energy into something meaningful and sustainable, while at the same time continuing to build those crucial relationships.

Leverage Social Media

Although in-person relationships are incredibly important, so are virtual ones. In this digital age, an increasing percentage of potential clients will hear about your business through some form of social media. With this in mind, it makes perfect sense that your company should have an active and upbeat social media presence.

If your company does not have a social media presence yet, it is often a good idea to start with Facebook. Create a professional and factually accurate page for your company, and link it back to your website (which should also be professional, easily navigable, and entirely accurate). Once you have a grasp on your Facebook page, consider expanding to Twitter and/or Instagram, depending on how well those social media platforms fit with your company’s mission and target audience.

Once you’ve established your social media presence, make it a habit to regularly check the accounts, reply to comments and questions, and post updates. Social media moves quickly, and the accounts will give you the greatest benefit when they’re active.

Consider Leasing Employees

If techniques such as the above result in business growth, then you’ll need to ensure that you can keep up with the growth while maintaining your company’s product quality and customer service. Few things are more painful than realizing that your company could be growing, but you don’t have the employee power to make that a reality.

To make sure there are no lapses in your company’s growth, you can look into employee leasing companies, which will lease you employees on either a short-term or longer-term basis. You may use leased employees as a holdover until you can hire local employees, or perhaps as a temporary workforce during your company’s busy season.

Whatever your current company size, there are always ways to grow your business and make it more successful. A little creativity and hard work can go a long way.

Author: Brad Richardson

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