Published On: Wed, Apr 11th, 2018

How The Future of The Following Industries Will Be Impacted By AI

Artificial intelligence used to be something that we only heard about when turning on a science fiction show or movie. AI has become much more prevalent to the point of the late Stephen Hawking saying that it could be the end of the world. Machine learning is incredible as a machine can learn thousands of things in a few minutes. This is a multitude more than its human counterpart that just has to program the AI then watch it run wild. The tough part of analyzing data is that a human being that uses data on a daily basis might not be able to verbalize what the data really means. The following are industries and how they could be changed by machine learning and AI.

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The former goals of marketing were to maximize sales and reach as many people as possible. With AI in marketing the goal is still to maximize sales while reaching out to a targeted demographic. Marketing will be more customized than ever before with the data that is gathered by AI. Advertising will also see a massive shift into customized ads online that are generated through data collected via social media, search engines, and previously clicked ads. One area that might be safe from AI is content marketing as a human touch is needed to generate the content. The ideas though will eventually be generated through extensive data analysis via AI.


Ai in ecommerce means eventually we will rarely see products  that we are not interested in. Ecommerce giants will collect data on your previous purchases to generate a profile for what you are most likely going to buy. This will lead to more coupons being sent to you in order to try to convince you to purchase something you might have waited to buy. Machine learning will allow these companies to turn into the ultimate selling machine if programmed correctly.


Healthcare has seen some tech giants start to impact the industry with a variety of record keeping AI. IBM Watson has the capability of organizing a patient’s medical records, notes, and history of treatment in order to give a recommendation for current treatment. If this sounds like it is doing the job of the doctor this is exactly what it is doing. Being able to look at a patient and hear them speak might keep doctors as the best option. The gathering and processing of data can allow a doctor to make a better decision than they would have with only a portion of a person’s medical records. AI could also impact physical therapy by giving a person feedback on movements or strength. Inputting number of reps as well as weight can allow the AI to give you a rehabilitation plan that is custom to yourself.


Transportation has already evolved immensely due to technology with Uber and Lyft rendering many taxi services as the last option to get a ride. Ai comes in the form of autonomous driving or self-driving cars that are becoming more prevalent. This can have an impact on insurance companies as one day the crashes will be limited to errors made by the AI systems. Cars will then turn into a money making machine being able to be used for riders when you are at work or asleep. The possibilities are endless when it comes to autonomous cars as the demand for transportation will never decrease.

The impact of AI in the next 10 years is going to be immense. Take a look at your job to see if you think it can be learned by a machine, if so then it might be time to look into other career options.


Tommy Wyher is a graduated of the Univsersity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In his spare time he enjoys writing about all of the happenings in the world.

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