Published On: Thu, Apr 26th, 2018

How often should you clean your Commercial Drains?

For commercial property owners, plumbing problems are probably the last thing in their minds. However, a simple plumbing issue, like a clogged drain, can result in business interruptions or worse. Overflowing and clogged drains are nasty and unappealing. They also harbour disease-causing organisms such as germs and bacteria.

Overflowing drains are among the major causes of structural damage to properties. As a result, you are likely to spend more on repair than a scheduled professional drain cleaning.

photo/ Steve Buissinne

Grease, soap, and fat are some of the major causes of commercial drainage blockage. But it’s not uncommon for some people to flush inappropriate items such as diapers, foodstuff, facial wipes, and more down drains.

Plumbing issues could ruin your business reputation, particularly if you are running an office building, restaurant, or a mall. All these issues raise an important question; how often should you clean your commercial property drains to avoid all inconveniences and embarrassments associated with malfunctioned drains?

While you may not have the time to do monthly drain cleaning, you should know neglect is the leading cause of Guelph plumbing issues. It’s no doubt that pipes deteriorate with use and age. Thus, monthly cleaning can help prevent drain clogs and ensure that the pipes last longer.

Prevent drain blockage

It’s obvious that the more you use drains, the easier it is for them to become clogged. In office buildings, toilet paper, soap, sanitary products and other products can build up and result in nasty clogs. In the food industry, commercial drains clog up with grease, food particles, and other similar products. Note that a small clog can increase in size to the point that it blocks waste pipes.

If left untreated, commercial sewage blockage can end up costing you heavily in plumbing repairs, property damage repairs, and recovery of lost raw materials and stock. For this reason, it’s wise to schedule monthly drain cleaning to eliminate all obstructions no matter how minor they may seem.

Here are tips to help prevent drain clogs.

  • Perform regular water flushes to eliminate all debris from drain pipes. You can also allow hot water to run through the drains for a few minutes.
  • Avoid chemical drain cleaning methods. They cause the interior drain lining to deteriorate, and that means your pipes can easily rust and crack. Consider using vinegar or baking soda to break up all accumulated grease and fats.
  • Consider using a drain snake or auger to remove clogs from drains.
  • Install a drain gate or cover to prevent large debris from getting washed into your drains, especially during a rainy season.

Are you responsible for all drains on your property? Well, you should be vigilant for slow or gurgling drainage fixtures as these are the initial signs of a clogged drain. Regular commercial drain cleaning will keep clogs at bay and also enhance the lifespan of your pipes.

Remember, commercial drain cleaning should be done by a professional with a lot of experience and the right tools and equipment.

Author: Jonas Fiedler

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