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How Family Traditions Have Followed the Times

The evolution of time has taken us from traditional tidings to a modern era. The definition of Family has adapted to a technological atmosphere. The days of corner store shopping and wearing your Sunday best for special occasions seem to have been replaced by online shopping and fashions that reflect our inner persona. Families customarily celebrate Holidays, Birthdays and specialized moments such as Mother’s Day. As the years go by and our societal structure advances, we may notice some integral alterations in the typical family gathering.

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From soda shops and juke boxes to internet cafes and mp3 players, our world has taken on new colors and themes to the day. Some prefer to align their lifestyle with what once was while others continue to trend forward with the times. We will review three of the subtle changes to larger impacts that have been seen over the course of a few short years. A look back in time to the present will give us an opportunity to peer where our traditions fall in the timeline.

A Mother’s Day

Women have experienced a truth in time and adaption. Long ago women were revered as an iconic symbol through the ages. As the worlds view shifted, girls and gals from all ages found themselves fallen on the political and social ladder in societies terms. Time moved forward, and women were again respected as the heart of their home. It was traditional for Mothers to care for their family’s needs in a full-time capacity. Leaving the door open for when the street lights came on marked a time when neighbors filled a neighborhood and backyard barbeques were on a weekly rotation. Women began to make appearances in college rosters making career minded females a majority versus the once minority. A shift in businesses brought many women to the helm of the organization or company.

Climbing upwards in politics, business and socialized events made the modern woman into a multi-tasking powerhouse. With households and families to balance, the strength of the female mind has risen to the challenge. As we see today, Mothers are successful in their careers and at home. Mother’s Day holds the same appreciation for a Mothers Love. Traditional brunches, dinners and beautiful flowers remain a part of our celebration. The changes are seen within hectic work weeks, conflicting schedules and the way families get together. An online presence is often noted as travel is more prevalent in our time. Women have fashionably brought their own personality out of the once typical setting and have created an all new surrounding that is filled with the everlasting charm of the past, present and future. Finding a bouquet and gift that fits the Mom in your life will represent her dreams and love for all of the lives she touches. Get inspired this Mother’s Day and create your own tradition.


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The Annuals – Families have annual celebrations such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. Once upon a time, this was a Holiday that was meant for your best dress or Sunday slacks. Dinner was presented on a festive table as everyone gathered around.  Family structures have adapted to varied lifestyles and personalities of the home and so have the Holidays! It is not uncommon to see cell phones lit up through the room while the occasion has become less of a formal event. Jeans, t-shirts and stylish expressions have become a part of everyday life…. including Holidays. In todays modern flow, many friends and families merge together creating a calico of smiles around the room. Busy work weeks create the absence of some family members that have become a part of the normal as opposed to a time when it was uncommon to miss such an occasion.

Social Media and electronic communication has become a part of the everyday. Holiday greetings and wishes are expressed online instead of in person. Gifts are chosen over the air waves and shipped in lieu of an afternoon of shopping at the store. Gift wrap has been commonly replaced with gift cards. Dinner is often ordered out and ready-made options available for pick up. These subtle changes do not lessen the quality of the event, it only demonstrates the modern turns of the gathering road.

Weekly Dinners – For generations, a weekly Sunday lunch or dinner was an expected part of the agenda. As families moved further away or drifted apart due to differences in lifestyle, this tradition seems to be further and fewer in between. The simplicity seems to have eluded many homes as complex schedules and concepts have integrated within. The economical factors of today have also impacted the cost a larger gathering. With two income families and monthly bills in tow, many families have narrowed down their dinner get togethers to monthly or Holiday based. With the presence of Skype and other face to face media options, we are now able to chat with loved ones from afar creating possibilities that were not an option years ago. Pot Luck dinners or some favorited childhood recipes are a great way to spend an afternoon or evening with family.

A Final Thought Family has a different meaning for each individual. The celebration of life with family and friends have come together through the years with some tried and true traditions along with new ideas that are a custom fit for each family. Everyday life can make it hard to keep in touch as we would hope. Create the opportunity to make your own family tradition and celebrate in true style.  Bringing flowers to the table of your own design will create lasting and enchanted memories. Fill your albums both online and in person with memorable moments that will remain in our hearts forever.

The foundation of Family gatherings remains the same. The Love and Life of those we cherish, the smiles of the past mingle with the laughter we find in our present and the prospect of our future is in all we do.

Author: R. Kimberly

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