Published On: Sat, Aug 25th, 2018

How Amazon Changed the Hardware Inventory Management

There’s no limit to the number of markets that Amazon.com is looking into.

Investors are catching wind of a different market that Amazon will expand to. And there’s one thing that makes a lot of sense: networking hardware. With networking hardware, it will help businesses share their resources and continue to grow to their customer’s demands.

Even though networking hardware is important, you have to consider hardware inventory management as well. By doing so, you’ll be able to take control of your products and be able to improve your company’s reputation.

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Hardware Can Be Difficult

Amazon is creating their own line of network switches that can appeal to their enterprise customers. Networking switches will help you manage the traffic within the network. The company is interested in giving enterprise customers have more customization than what the incumbents offer, this will allow them to manage data centers with fewer engineers resulting in efficiency gains and cost savings.

Convincing your customers to adapt to your hardware isn’t an easy task, though, as your customers will invest large budgets into their infrastructure. This increases the switching costs when switching to an alternative solution.

IT professionals tend to use hardware inventory management to help your business stay aligned. IT teams can plan their infrastructure road maps a few years in advance, and making breakeven calculations are a critical part of this process. Amazon can get some customers aboard by testing new hardware according to its report.

Networking Switches Is Important

When thinking about hardware inventory management, Amazon has planned to create networking hardware. Both will help businesses keep track of their products and store the information in a safe network.

While it’s not clear if Amazon will be focusing solely on networking hardware, though. If anything, Amazon will release the hardware within the next 18 months, but the company could still plan to abandon the effort.

Since its the largest cloud platform in the world, Amazon has a unique position. Not only can this company benefit from in-sourcing the creation of hardware for their own AWS operations, but it can also even sell their hardware to other companies.

Considering Amazon’s impact on cloud infrastructure, getting into hardware inventory management is an ideal area where the company should vertically integrate.

Why Hardware Inventory Management?

Hardware inventory management helps with short and long-term planning. By creating a system that tells you the quality and quantity of your products, you can plan on how to distribute it to your customers.

And it saves you from paying extra for unnecessary hardware and software. Knowing the details of your company’s inventory is one of the main parts in managing assets effectively.

Not only does this prevent the “sneaker net” approach to inventory, but it also protects your company from making unnecessary purchases and prevents illegal software installs and configuration changes. So think about using inventory management if you want to plan efficiently and effectively.


Mainly, Amazon is planning to change the hardware and cloud industry by creating their network. This network has the potential to help sellers utilize their product stock while also being able to plan for future sales. So think about using it if you want to improve the quality of your business.

Author: Adam Edmond

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