Published On: Tue, Jul 23rd, 2013

Houston woman shoots man, Louis Daniel, at gas station after sexual advances, takes cell phone photo calling it self defense

A woman is being held by the Houston Police Department, because she’s accused of shooting a man, which was all caught by the service station’s surveillance camera. (watch the video below)

Houston gas station shooting TexasAccording to Houston police, the man, identified by family as Louis Daniels, 58, approached the woman at around 7 p.m. at a Gulf Station to make sexual advances toward her, but she told him repeatedly to go away.

Houston police say the man then produced a knife, advanced toward her so she shot him with her  .22 caliber gun, firing multiple shots at the man, killing him in the parking lot.

“She seen him with a knife and took out her gun and pointed it toward the ground, like a warning,” a witness said. “Like ‘get off me.’ He kept walking toward her like he was fixing to do something, and that’s when she shot off,” he said.

“I’m very hurt and I never meant for anything like this to go on,” said Shanequia McDonald (who has now been identified as the shooter).  “I just went to the gas station to get gas.  I didn’t go to hurt or harm anyone and I was just protecting myself.”

McDonald said Daniel was making sexual advances toward her and cursing her out.

“I don’t see this as self-defense, I see a cold blooded murder,” Darryl Daniels, the shooting victim’s brother, said.

The video shows McDonald can be seen grabbing her cell phone and taking a picture of Daniel.

“She took out her phone to take a picture of the knife he had in his hand so no one would say he didn’t attempt to harm her, stab her, cut her and that she did not do this in self defense,” said Quanell X on McDonald’s intentions.

He also claimed the reason she left the station before police could arrive was because she felt threatened by the other men who had been sitting with Daniel when the confrontation began.

The woman left the scene before cops arrived, but she was later caught. Officials say a knife was found on the man. A Harris County grand jury is expected to determine what, if any,  charges may be filed against the woman.



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  1. Wayne Brown says:

    Why does a grand jury need to be involved? The police who investigated the scene should have been able to determine from the evidence (especially the video evidence) that she acted in self-defense. She shouldn’t even have been arrested, let alone continue being held pending a grand jury investigaton.

  2. Al Sharpton says:

    Black killing a black….no protests…no rally’s…it’s black on black….it’s all fair. Wait a minute, was the gun loaded in the trunk? oh well an other black on black murder. It’s cool no honkies in the video so, we cool. If the shooter was a white bitch we’d be going to court and marching the streets. I knows that right.

  3. robertg222 says:

    Looks like self defense to me

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