Published On: Thu, Dec 19th, 2019

Hogan Sneakers Fashionable and comfortable footwear

Walk down the street any day of the week and you will see people wearing sneakers. They are no longer simply sports footwear. Stylishly designed sneakers are now a great way to make a fashion statement while being comfortable at the same time.

Of course, sneakers are not a new creation. However, their use has evolved over the years, and their popularity has grown. Looking back to when the first sneakers were created, no-one could have predicted just how much impact they would have.

The history of sneakers

Prior to sneakers being around, people wore plimsolls. These were not the plimsolls that we know today. They were the 18th-century version that were not at all comfortable to wear. For one thing, they were identically shaped for both feet.

In approximately 1892, the U.S. Rubber Company invented the first sneakers. These earliest versions of the footwear were called Keds. They became commonly known as sneakers because they made little noise, allowing people to ‘sneak’ upon others.

Rise in popularity in the 1980s

During the 1980s, the popularity of sneakers soared. It was during this decade that basketball star Michael Jordan first wore the famous Air Jordans. The big-name sports brands like Nike and Adidas started to compete to create great-looking shoes that could make people stand out, on and off the basketball court. At this time, sneakers also became popular footwear for other sports like skateboarding.

This was the point at which the popularity of sneakers really started to grow. However, they were still not the huge fashion item that they are now.

The fashion choice of today

Jump forward to today, and brands like Hogan sneakers are worn for any activity, and at any time of day. Take a look at Hogan sneakers and you will see that they are designed to be creative as well as comfortable to wear. Like many modern sneakers, they are created using cutting edge innovation, making them a huge improvement on the 18th-century originals and even those sneakers that existed in Michael Jordan’s time.

This improvement in style and substance has turned sneakers into a popular fashion choice for men and women alike. There are two major changes in society that have enabled this to happen.

The first of these changes is that many businesses have adopted a more relaxed approach to workwear. This allows sneakers to be adopted as footwear for the working environment. The second change is that women have changed their attitude to the way they dress. They now dress more to suit themselves than to impress others. This has to lead to them choosing to wear sneakers that allow them to feel comfortable as well as look good. Of course, high heels are still worn as well, but they are no longer the major choice of footwear for all women.

Footwear like Hogan sneakers has helped to revolutionize fashionable footwear. The sneaker has gone from being sports footwear to be a popular fashion choice across the globe.

Author: Ben Mart

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