Published On: Tue, Oct 8th, 2013

Green Party of Canada leader, Elizabeth May, calls for a National Lyme Disease strategy

The first elected Green Party Member of Parliament in Canada has authored a bill calls for a National Lyme Disease strategy, according to Op-Ed published yesterday.

''black-legged ticks'', Ixodes scapularis Image/CDC

”black-legged ticks”, Ixodes scapularis

Elizabeth May writes in the Hill Times, “At least for those MPs representing regions of Southern Canada, we hear from constituents suffering from Lyme disease all too frequently.

“We know that Lyme disease is a spreading threat and that one tick bite can lead to potentially devastating illness. It is hard to diagnose. Some conventional testing methods miss the diagnosis. Most Canadians are unaware of the risk of exposure to a tick bite.”

The bill,  C-442, authored by May, calls for the federal minister of Health to convene a conference to gather together “best practices” across the provincial and territorial jurisdictional lines to improve three areas of Lyme disease policy for all of Canada.

First it calls for better programs for public awareness, improving prevention of Lyme disease. Secondly it will allow the sharing of approaches for improved diagnosis and treatment, and, lastly, it identifies the need for a national strategy to find a cure.

May writes, “It breaks my heart to see families struggle with the costs of going to the U.S. to get treatment for family members with Lyme disease.

“Even worse is hearing from people suffering from Lyme who cannot afford treatment in the U.S. and are unable to find care in Canada. Many doctors are working hard, as are many provinces. Surely sharing best practices to decrease the extent of Lyme, the reliability of diagnosis and the research work toward improving treatment regimes is in all of our interests.”

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