Published On: Sat, Sep 8th, 2012

Greece reports 11 additional cases of vivax malaria

Greece has seen a resurgence of malaria since 2011, after the south European country was declared malaria-free about four decades ago.

Image-CDC/ James Gathany

According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Malaria Alert Wednesday, federal health officials have received information that there have been 11 additional P. vivax malaria cases identified in Greece.

Of the 11 cases, two were locally-acquired cases in Greek residents with no previous travel, two possible relapses in patients who had locally-transmitted malaria in 2011, and seven cases in immigrants.

For the first eight months of the year, Greece has reported 50 cases of malaria, with more than 80% of the cases seen in immigrants and are considered “imported” cases.

According to the CDC:

One of the new cases had onset of symptoms the first week of August and is believed to have acquired the infection in Evrotas in the Laconia (southeastern Peloponnese) region. The agricultural area of Evrotas was the principal site of the 2011 P. vivaxoutbreak and was also where other locally-acquired cases were identified in June and July of 2012. The other new case is believed to have acquired infection in Markopoulo, in the East Attica region and had onset of symptoms the week of August 13th 2012. Other locally-transmitted cases have been identified in June and July of 2012 in Marathon and Markopoulo of East Attica region. Markopoulo is a suburban town approximately 30 km southeast of Athens. No malaria cases have been reported in Athens.

The Hellenic CDC (KEELPNO) continues to work with the European CDC and has responded by enhancing its surveillance systems for malaria cases and malaria vectors.

The CDC recommends that travelers to the agricultural areas of Evrotas in the Laconia region take prophylactic antimalarials. For travel to other affected areas, health officials recommend only mosquito avoidance; use of  insect repellant, staying in air conditioned areas or screened buildings.


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