Published On: Tue, Feb 22nd, 2011

Government Shutdown? That Thought Makes me Giddy!

Washington, DC—The Socialists in our Congress forgot the will of the American people was to stop the bankrupting of America. Rather than cooperate they want to let the government shut down. That of course would interrupt the entitlement programs. In turn civil unrest by the Welfare Zombies is a real possibility.

Shutting down the TSA is also a welcome possibility as long as the airlines continue to fly without those un-American parasites. Flying could be fun for a change. The TSA is nothing but tyranny against Americans anyway. Despite wasting billions they’ve never stopped a single incident of terrorism, ever.

Frankly I look forward to the shutdown it should stop the hemorrhage of our tax dollars during that period. Perhaps we will see that there are so many agencies we don’t need like the alphabet police and so many agencies created in the last four decades. What wouuld we ever do without an FCC or the FTC?

Imagine seeing the IRS unable to function because of a shutdown? That’s so heartbreaking….

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Paul Huebl is Licensed Private Detective-Former Chicago policeman-Investigative vlogcaster

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