Published On: Thu, Apr 30th, 2020

Giant Bean Bag Chair: How It Can Save Space

Looking for ways to save space in your home or vacation rental?  Want to be able to provide seating that is comfortable, versatile, and can save you space?  Look no further than the giant bean bag chair.   You may be wondering how anything “giant” can be space-saving, and we understand that question.  The fact is, a giant bean bag chair is only giant relative to the size of a standard bean bag chair, which is fairly small.  A giant-sized bean bag chair can comfortably seat approximately two adults, two adults and a small child, or several kids and teenagers.  As such, a giant bean bag chair is really about the size of a standard love seat, but is exceedingly more comfortable, extremely more versatile, and definitely more space-saving.  Here are three reasons why a giant bean bag chair can actually save space in your home. 

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Giant bean bag chairs take up less floor space than a standard sofa or chair.  The great thing about giant bean bag chairs is that they can be manipulated into practically any seating shape that works for your space.  Compared to traditional loveseats which are available in more of a one-size-fits-all dimension, a giant bean bag will save space where it is placed because it can be moved and repositioned within the same floor space.  You simply can’t get that from a standard piece of furniture.  With additional floor space, you have the opportunity to add tables, lamps, and other accessories you may not have been able to add previously.  


Giant bean bag chairs can provide guest bedding.  While giant bean bag chairs are certainly comfortable enough in their own right to be dozed upon, a great idea is purchasing a giant bean bag chair that has a bed inside.  Some giant bean bag chairs are filled with a removable mattress that can be taken out when additional bedding is needed.  These mattresses have proven to be incredibly comfortable as they are filled with a proprietary blend of furniture grade polyurethane foam that gives the sleeper a luxurious night’s sleep.  Having a giant bean bag chair that can also provide guest bedding means you never have to waste space housing a guest bed ever again.  You can simply rely on the enclosed mattress inside your giant bean bag when you have overnight guests.   


Giant bean bag chairs are great options for saving space in vacation rentals.  If you’ve struggled to find the perfect way to accommodate more guest beds in your vacation rental without piling set upon set of bunk beds into small bedrooms, your solution is the giant bean bag chair.  Since these chairs can conceal an entire mattress inside their stylish outer shell, you can advertise additional guest beds without having to cramp a room with awkward fitting bunk beds that no one really wants to use.  Additionally, when your rental has guests that do not need that additional bedding, they’ll enjoy using the space for recreation and relaxation.  They’ll also enjoy the comfort that sitting in a giant bean bag chair brings to the space.  Giant bean bag chairs are incredibly inviting, and usually become one of the most sought after seats in the house.  Having two or three might be a wise idea!

Don’t let the word “giant” fool you.  Giant bean bag chairs are actually incredible space savers that can help you get the most from your home or vacation rental while still retaining gorgeous style and incredible comfort.  Whether using a giant bean bag chair as a seat only, or relying on it for seating and additional bedding, you’ll find many uses for your giant bean bag chair and be amazed at how something so “giant” can truly save you space. 

Author: Jacob Maslow

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