Gay activist use government as a weapon by crushing Oregon’s Sweet Cakes by Melissa

The lesson from Sweet Cakes by Melissa is that the gay activists have more power than the God given right to freedom of conscience.

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries told Aaron and Melissa Klein that they found “substantial evidence” that Sweet Cakes by Melissa discriminated against the lesbian couple and violated the Oregon Equality Act of 2007, a law that protects the rights of the LGBT community.

“The investigation concludes that the bakery is not a religious institution under the law and that the business’ policy of refusing to make same-sex wedding cakes represents unlawful discrimination based on sexual orientation,” said Charlie Burr, a spokesman for the Bureau of Labor and Industries.

Having shutdown their storefront to run the operation from home, the Kleins now face hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian told The Oregonian, their desire is to rehabilitate businesses like the one owned by the Christian couple.

“Everybody is entitled to their own beliefs, but that doesn’t mean that folks have the right to discriminate,” he told the newspaper. “The goal is never to shut down a business. The goal is to rehabilitate.”

Aaron Klein told Fox’s Todd Starnes that there will be no reconciliation and there will be no rehabilitation. He and his wife will not back down from their Christian beliefs.

“There’s nothing wrong with what we believe,” he said. “It’s a biblical point of view. It’s my faith. It’s my religion.”

Klein said he’s not surprised by the ruling and called it “absolutely absurd.”

Get that, the State of Oregon needs to “rehabilitate” these intolerant Christians and force to either serve the gay community or shutdown their business.

Is that tolerance?

Should we battle intolerance with more and greater intolerance?

It’s sad to see gay activists using the government as a weapon to punish those who don’t believe their lifestyle is acceptable.

"Lesbian" wedding mock-cake at the Roma Gay Pride in 2008. Picture by Stefano Bolognini via wikimedia commons.

“Lesbian” wedding mock-cake at the Roma Gay Pride in 2008. Picture by Stefano Bolognini via wikimedia commons.

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  1. Christian bakers refuse Bert and Ernie ‘Support Gay Marriage’ cake, may get sued - The Global Dispatch says:

    […] A Colorado man lost his battle in court for refusing on religious grounds and Oregon’s Sweet Melissa’s was swept into a media frenzy which devastated her business for refusing a lesbian cake. Latest HERE […]

  2. Kennith Dutts says:

    I find it funny that Klein is asking for tolerance when he was the first to behave intolerant?

  3. 4thGenerationMormon says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is so upset… To quote the Klein’s “they merely asked the young ladies to take their business elsewhere…” so why are they, Aaron & Missy, so upset that the good folks of Gresham, Oregon, voting with their hard earned $$$s are simply saying the same in return and that is “simply take your business elsewhere”.

    When you open a business, you sign a contract with the city and state agreeing to abide by the laws, Aaron & Missy opened a business, obtained business license in Gresham, OR, and signed on the dotted line that they agreed to abide by the law and then turned around and then CHOSE to break law and the contract they signed with both the city and state. ’nuff said

  4. Chuck Anziulewicz says:

    All the bakeries and photographers and caterers that people think are being so horribly put-upon? They aren’t in the business of providing spiritual guidance or enforcing moral doctrines. They are there to turn a profit. As such, they are obligated to abide by prevailing civil rights laws, whether those laws protect people from discrimination based on race, religion, or sexual orientation.

    Should a restaurant owner be able to refuse service to Blacks because he has “moral objections” to race-mixing? Should an employer be able to fire a Muslim employee because he wants to run “a nice Christian workplace”?

    If they answer to both question is NO, what justification is there for discriminating against someone who is Gay who wants nothing more than a cake?

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