Published On: Thu, Nov 30th, 2017

Freshmen challenge: how to balance social life and studies

At the onset of a new academic calendar, thousands of freshmen joining colleges and universities around the country are usually filled with the enthusiasm of realizing their career goals. This equally applies to those who have just been admitted to various high schools.

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Two competing interests:  over involvement in social life

Competing interests can hugely sabotage one’s focus on many fronts.  For instance, a social life where one has got to meet new people and play while at the same time wants to finish some homework can be a hard tackle.  There is no doubt that a little play enhances one’s creativity and cognitive ability when it comes to tackling academic tasks.  It could be that long-awaited summer outing or joining a sporting club, but there downsides to it. Here are important questions every student must, therefore, seek answers to:

    • Do you always spend so much time on social media at the expense of finishing assignments?
    • Does being involved in baseball at school affect your focus on academia?
    • How does too much social life affect your performance in school?
    • Do you tend to procrastinate a lot just to play and visit friends?

Does it help to be a bookworm either?

Social life overriding academia has been a major culprit whenever students fail to register better grades at school. And despite the fact that students can always look for help to write essay as a means of mitigating hazardous effects of extreme involvement in out-of-the-classroom activities, there are ways of balancing it against studies.

Being a bookworm equally has same effects on progress at school as is social life without limits.  Lack of play; which is technically being an introvert, is said to make Jack a dull boy.  It affects one’s concentration in the classroom. Mental saturation or reduced cognition is a perfect example to help illustrate this.  And it certainly means learners who want to excel must start figuring out how to balance these competing interests.  Below are more questions to further help with this:

    • What should be the best quick fix whenever mental blockade becomes an issue as a result of being too much involved with academics at the expense of some time out with friends or little play?
    • Can essay writing service be of help during such times and how can you identify the best?
    • How best should a student plan his or her timetable so that at the end of the day, everything is balanced out perfectly?

Tips to help balance social and academic life

Those essay projects whose deadlines are already tightening a noose around your neck should ring a bell to every student out there who doesn’t know how to plan his or her time well. With lack of social-life-academic balance being a major pointer to such pressures learners often face, below are expert tips to help do it right:

1. Class work scheduling

Students have different preferences in terms of timing when it comes to tackling schoolwork such as assignments and research projects. Therefore, it is important to lay a strong emphasis on timetabling. Plan out your time accordingly in line with lessons for scheduled for a day because it will enable one identify when to fix in time for play. Importantly, and to avoid rush-hour during which even finding custom paper writers can be painstaking since it is done under duress, prioritize assignments or find writing helpers in good time.

2. Keep off possible distractions

In the course of doing assignments, a lot of things can slow down progress to completion and a good example is social media. It pays off to, keep the phone off or far from study room, switch off the TV and anything that is visually distracting.  You will find it certainly helps to settle in a quiet place during studies.

3. Explore the option of getting support

While this includes seeking advice from an educator on say how to plan well for schoolwork, other alternatives such as hiring writers to help with composition of the best scholarly essays, contracting the services of online/home tutors, joining study groups and seeking professional counseling advise have always helped immensely.

Conclusively, students who are plagued by over-involvement in social activities or those who spend too much time in studies and never go out to play must start balancing the two. With what this post has explored and many other expert tips, there is no doubt about the fact that it works.

Author: Amber Wilson

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