Published On: Mon, May 22nd, 2017

Free Stays at World Renowned Resorts

As the old saying goes, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is,” yet perhaps we’ve become a bit disillusioned by dishonest individuals and companies in our society.  We’re now quick to distrust and jump on the, “It must be a scam!” train without hesitation or further investigation.  Has our society become so cynical to the point where we no longer believe in hope?  True, these sweeping judgments about our population are purely speculation.

However, it cannot be denied that in order to protect oneself from harm, one must be critical as well as cautious.

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When hearing of a free promotional holiday, one can’t help but also think, it must be a scam.  Yet there remain faint glimmers of hope behind grand claims of free, nearly a week’s worth of holiday, at world class resorts.  Real, living and breathing human testimonials can attest to the validity of these claims.

So where can one find such a thing?  Where can one actually vacation in a beautiful, exotic land, nearly for free?  The answer: at a CLC World Resort and Hotel by cashing in, so to speak, on their promotional holiday.                

CLC World has become a global company, with luxurious, world-class resorts sprinkled throughout the UK, Austria, Turkey, Spain, and the United States.  The resorts are built along stunning coastlines, offering its guests some of the most breathtaking views its home country has to offer.  The resorts are located next to relaxing beaches; they are located along slowly twisting streams and wildlife filled reservoirs.     

In order to attract membership, CLC World offers newcomers a promotional holiday.  All that’s requested of its visitors is a “nominal booking fee,” and four hours of their time.  The expense of 7 night’s worth of stay is covered by the resort.  A staff member of CLC World will make essentially a ‘sales pitch,’ trying to invite listeners into purchasing a membership.  Membership, and of course there are varying memberships all ranging drastically in cost, will allow access to their resorts worldwide.  CLC World is a vacation timeshare, and there are never any issues with CLC world scams.

Knowing this upfront will allow its visitors to make the decision for themselves if it is worth the investment or not.  If future travelers consider staying at one of CLC World resorts, they should know what to expect, so they don’t feel as if they’ve been scammed.  All the information about what is expected of visitors is displayed upfront on the CLC World company’s website, as well as detailed explicitly by hundreds of individual testimonials.    

In the past, promotional holidays may have been viewed with disdain, as being dodgy schemes to steal from innocent audiences.  It’s up to the vacationers to decide if they are willing to trade four hours of their time for a week stay at a top-notch hotel.  True, it may not be “totally free,” there are some minimal strings attached, but CLC World promotional holidays are legit, they are not a scam.

Author: Brad Richardson

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