Published On: Mon, Jul 24th, 2017

Four Common Mistakes Millennials Make During Job Interviews (and How to Avoid Them)

If you’re a millennial job-hunter, you’re probably annoyed to no end with stereotypes surrounding your generation.

After all, words like “lazy” and “entitled” are not want you want attached to your name if you’re hungry for a new job.

However, there’s no denying that modern hiring managers often struggle with young workers due to their behavior during their interview process. Although there certainly are skilled millennials entering the workforce, understanding the following interview snafus can help young professionals avoid the “lazy” label and common pitfalls that keep young talent from getting hired.

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They Don’t Dress the Part

While we may live in a more “laid back” era of business n terms of dress code, it pays to dress up for interviews unless told to do otherwise. Walking into an interview in sandals and a hoodie might be the expectation for smaller tech start-ups, but you shouldn’t assume the same for all roles that need to be filled.

Dressing for an interview doesn’t necessarily require you wear a suit and tie, either. A polo shirt and khakis are totally appropriate for a non-corporate interview, for example. Likewise, you can inject some sharpness into your style through stylish touches such as army watches or a blazer with a more casual look.

Either way, don’t make any assumptions about any company’s dress code unless you’re 100% sure you can under-dress.

They Don’t Do Their Homework

Failing to understand the role and company you’re applying to is a classic interview mistake that many millenials still make despite having so much information at their fingertips.

From spending a few minutes on a company’s website and Facebook page to looking at recent press releases, weaving in some of your research into an interview immediately sets you apart from other interviewees. Additionally, doing your homework ensures that you aren’t blindsided by questions that you otherwise could have prepared for.

They Try to Overcompensate

There’s nothing more embarrassing to a hiring manager than someone who tries to lie or embellish their resume during an interview. Don’t make the mistake of trying to fluff your resume with imaginary roles or needlessly present your menial past jobs as larger than life. Likewise, being humble and honest makes you seem much more genuine and therefore worthy of hiring versus someone that can’t be trusted.

They Don’t Ask Questions

Additionally, walking away from an interview without asking questions is a rookie mistake that’s easy to make if you’ve actually done your research on a company.

Asking meaningful questions during an interview shouldn’t be to fill up time but rather figure out whether or not a company represents the right fit for you. Again, doing so shows that you’re interested in being hired versus simply going through the motions.

The keyword here is asking meaningful questions, though. Being too forward about salary questions or simply asking about time off isn’t going to be particularly helpful toward painting you as helpful hand to a company.

Rather than allow yourself to be labeled as a typical millennial, knowing what mistakes to avoid can help you stand out from the pack. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can keep yourself from sinking during your next interview.

Author: Carmelo Hannity

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