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Fountain of youth: enjoy sauna therapy in a familiar environment

Invented approximately 2000 years ago in the Nordic region, the concept of “sitting in a sauna” gained worldwide recognition over the years. The compelling reason leading to the creation of a purifying but mostly warm environment was the unbearable cold experienced by Finnish people in the dead of winter. However, in modern society, a sauna represents the ideal place for gym enthusiasts to soothe overworked muscles, for luxurious hotels to pamper their wealthy guests and for business people to close deals if we go by the hilarious scenes in different Hollywood movies. Furthermore, the average individual has the possibility to purchase and install such a room for relaxing purposes in his own home. Of course, taking into account the important considerations in selecting the right sauna, the decision-making process might prove to be quite challenging, but nobody can deny the significant benefits associated with all saunas, which means that you simply cannot go wrong, regardless of your decision.

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Saunas burn unwanted calories naturally

Whether you decide to build your own sauna or purchase a premade model, opt for hemlock or cedar, choose a small or big size, install it indoors or outdoors, spending approximately a half an hour every single day in a wooden heat chamber can be extremely beneficial. The majority of people willingly pay to enjoy a deep sweat once in a while because they are well aware that saunas do not only burn calories and provide the ultimate state of relaxation, but they also flush out toxins from the body and cleanse the skin. According to researchers, the average person can sweat off approximately 500 grams in just one session, which translates into 300 calories lost without investing any effort in the process. Some people might be curious to know exactly how a sauna can become a valuable weight-loss tool. Well, the explanation is more than simple: the excessive heat inside such a room causes an acceleration of the cardiovascular section, which necessitates more oxygen to complete certain processes so the body responds by providing reusable energy from calories.

Saunas flush out toxins from your body

The reality is that people do not sweat excessively on a daily basis. Of course, special circumstances refer to jogging in the park, climbing or hiking and other similar activities. The main idea is that a person needs to engage in a demanding activity in order to enjoy the health benefits provided by deep sweating that you can easily achieve by opting for a sauna session. Once again, the heat triggers everything so it practically represents the secret behind the fountain of youth. Going back to the sweating process, the rising body temperature, dilation of blood vessels and increased blood circulation represent the main consequences happening inside the body and the nervous system reacts by sending signals to the multitude of sweat glands. Following the stimulation, they have the mission to cool the body, which is mainly composed of water. Thus, sweat production reduces the levels of nickel, zinc and mercury, representing all toxins encountered in the outside environment. Shortly, saunas detoxify the body so it represents a great alternative to only drinking smoothies for a month.  

Saunas help you achieve a clearer and smoother skin

In the past, people resorted to hot bathing in order to maintain the youth of their skin because during the sweating process the bacteria vanished like magic from the epidermal layer. The best part is yet to come if we take into account that cleaner pores lead to improved microcirculation, making the skin look smoother. Obviously, this benefit has not disappeared like those unwanted dead skin cells and people, especially women who do not hesitate to invest great amounts of money in their physical appearance should take advantage of the fountain of youth. In fact, installing such a valuable asset inside or outside the house might prove to be the wisest investment and decision that one could ever make. After all, you get to enjoy relaxation, socialize, relax muscles, relieve stress, improve cardiovascular performance, soothe aches and fight illness in the comfort of your personal living space, not to mention the value added by the installation of a sauna to any property.

Saunas are ideal for gym enthusiasts and people suffering from arthritis

Even though we mentioned above that gym enthusiasts can sit in the sauna after a hardcore workout to soothe the pain of muscle soreness, the truth is that people suffering from arthritis can enjoy the same tranquilizing effect. The raising body temperature leads to increased blood flow, which helps the body recover or heal faster than usual meaning that it can prove to be equally useful for people who experienced cuts or bruises. Consequently, the small room designed to create dry or wet heat can become a popular place for men, women, youngsters, elders or injured people. This probably represents the main reason for which the sauna got the name of “fountain of youth”. Apart from speeding up the process of natural healing, it fights daily stress, which leads to various medical conditions and makes you look older, it boosts mood naturally and it cleanses the body, among others. The physical and psychological benefits associated with saunas are undeniable, which is why more people should buy sauna kits and enjoy heat therapy in a familiar environment.

Saunas can help you enjoy ultimate relaxation

Once they manage to install the sauna inside or outside their residence, homeowners have the possibility to decide if they should transform it into a focal point and socialize with other family members, friends and neighbors or turn it into their private area of relaxation or their oasis of silence and peace. The sauna room is ideal for intimate conversations, moments of solitude, romantic moments and recreational activities. Obviously, purchasing or building your own sauna can prove to be quite expensive, but if you think about it, this is a lifetime financial investment meaning that you can benefit from it now and in the distant future as well. More importantly, you will become a happier and healthier human being.

Author: Cynthia Madison

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