Published On: Wed, Dec 18th, 2019

Five Reasons to Give Gift Experiences for the Holidays

The holidays often means dashing around the shops or spending hours browsing online to get the right gifts for the people you love, but unfortunately, many of these gifts won’t last for long and by next year, they may not remember what you bought them. That’s why many people are now opting to give experiences, rather than things as holiday gifts, and there are experiences to suit all sorts of ages. 

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Here are some reasons why you should switch to giving experiences rather than gifts. 


  • You can tailor gifts to their interests


Some people are just really hard to buy for, but if you know what they like to do in their spare time, then it’s easy to find a gift experienced to suit them. For example, if they’re a car lover, then Ferrari car hire will be a gift that they never forget, while theater lovers may like a gift card to see a show, and foodies might like a gift card for their favorite restaurant. Focus on things they love to do, and you can be sure the voucher will be appreciated.


  • They don’t take up space


The problem with buying gifts such as home accessories or toys is that you’re adding to the clutter in someone’s house. Lots of people are now using the KonMari method by Marie Kondo to clear their homes, and unfortunately this often means getting rid of lots of unwanted Christmas presents. Gift experiences are better for those who are embracing the minimalism trend or those who live in small apartments. 


  • They aren’t forgotten so easily


Gifts such as bath salts and clothes are soon thrown out and forgotten but buy an experience and your recipient gets an amazing day out and some great memories. Whether it’s driving a luxury car or going to a really fancy restaurant, simply doing something new and exciting will mean your gift is one that’ll stand out from the crowd.


  • It makes the holidays last longer


It’s always sad when the holiday season is over, and it’s nice to have things to look forward to that get you through the dullness of January. Buy a gift experience, and your recipient has something exciting to do in the New Year, so they can welcome 2020 with something on the calendar to look forward to.


  • You can avoid items going to landfill


Many people are opting to buy fewer gifts, as they worry about the environmental impact. 61% of American adults have received an unwanted gift, which totals as much as $15.2 billion wasted on gifts that have been donated or thrown away. While some gifts go to Goodwill and thrift stores, many items go in the trash, which is terrible for the environment. The most common unwanted gifts are clothes and accessories, household items and cosmetics, so instead of risking wasting your money on these sorts of gifts, consider an experience voucher. You don’t have to worry about wasted packaging either, so the environmental impact is much lower.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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