Published On: Mon, Apr 17th, 2017

Few symptoms of High Testosterone Levels in Men

Testosterone is a steroid hormone belonging to the androgen group and is generally found in humans and the other vertebrates. This hormone is also known as the male hormone, as all the physical and emotional features, which can be considered to reflect masculinity seems to increase due to the rise of a testosterone level in the men. By observing a few symptoms, one can easily detect a high level of testosterone in some individual.

Growth of Body and Facial Hair:

We all know the fact, that the higher levels of hormone in a male body is the main reason behind, why men has beards and women don’t.

When the existing testosterone in a male body convert into DHT, then it becomes the main reason for a man to witness an excessive growth of body and facial hair in him.


When a man is suffering from a deep emotional state of mind, it can be considered as a depression. This state of mind can last for a longer period,  and even it can make that person feel completely hopeless towards his life. The people who are suffering from a depression since a long time, loses all their interests in various subjects, on which they had a previous interest. Gathering More Info about different topics, which were once their favorite hobby, becomes a less important job to the people, who are suffering from depression.

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Male Pattern Baldness:

One of the most noticeable signs of a higher testosterone level in men is, hair loss, or it can also be called the male pattern baldness. As the rise of DHT, in one’s body can trigger the process of hair loss to a great extent. In certain people the DHT, combines with the hair follicles and this way they can have an experience of unwanted hair loss, even at an early age.

Strong Jawline:   

The androgenic hormone testosterone and its other derivates, mainly DHT, is well known for increasing bone density and growth.

The working of testosterone can easily be detected in the jawbone, due to the effect of the hormone along with DHT, one can notice a widened jawline in some men along with the sharp edges. Very often these unusual jawlines are the outcome of certain synthetic testosterone injections taken by the sports men.

Length of the Ring Finger:

With the help of a research, which has been conducted very recently, the scientists have discovered a theory that the ratio between the index finger and the pointer finger is linked to the amount of testosterone existing within the body of that man. If a man has a longer ring finger, compared to his pointer finger, then he is definitely suffering from a high testosterone level.

These are some of the most common physical signs or symptoms of having a higher level of testosterone in a man. By going through the article one can actually gather some More Info about the working process of this androgenic hormone in a male body. Researches are still going on, in order to find out the link between testosterone and it’s effect on human health.

Author: Lolita Di

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