Published On: Fri, Jan 1st, 2016

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 2: can walkers swim, trailer and details

Fear-the-Walking-DeadAfter the season finale, AMC released a new teaser for the second season of the show, in which the cast and crew talked about what we should expect next year, but little is actually known.

Colman Domingo, who plays the mysterious Strand, has been moved up to series regular, according to THR. Strand was one of the more interesting characters in the first season and he holds the key (literally) to the group’s escape from LA.

Showrunner Dave Erickson sat down with THR to talk about what fans should expect in Fear the Walking Dead season 2.

He teased that we’ll get a mix of land and see next season: “There will be quite a bit of action on the seas — and we’ll split it between land and water. But it’s going to be an interesting dynamic.”

This will undoubtedly bring up the question of whether zombies will be able to attack from the water, to which Erickson answers:

My understanding is that walkers can’t swim. The Governor killed somebody and tossed him into the lake. You see the walker underwater, he’s submerged and is trying to get up. I think there was something weighing him down so he couldn’t float. I have to confirm this with Robert [Kirkman] but walkers can’t swim—I’m sure they’d eventually bloat.

Erickson also talked about where the characters’ minds will be entering the second season:

They know the city has fallen and know things are incredibly bad and they know that this is happening in other states and potentially other countries but they haven’t had anybody say to them, “The world is over; this is our extinction event.” That’s something they’ll have to process as they move through season two as well. If I were them, I’d be thinking that there has to be some place to go. Maybe it’s an island. I don’t know. But there’s got to be a place where this contagion hasn’t touched. But we the audience know that’s not true and that will be the next blow that they suffer.

He also addressed the fate of Dr. Exner, who didn’t get a definite ending in the season finale:

In my mind, she was planning to use that cattle pistol on herself. Her mission has failed and she had a look into what our characters don’t understand yet: this is the end. She is left in a place where I don’t think she sees any way to bounce back from it. We have no plans for Exner right now.

No official word on a premiere, but most feel that a June debut is likely, putting the 15 episode season close to a wrap around the time The Walking Dead begins season 7 in October.

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