Published On: Tue, Jul 11th, 2017

Fake News: Rev Patrick Mahoney attacked for support in Charlie Gard case due to his ‘criminal record’

Leftists in the media are rallying support for Charlie Gard to die, even resorting to misleading readers when reporting on the support of Reverend Patrick Mahoney, announcing his “criminal record” in the headlines.

“Reverend Patrick Mahoney led a team of American ‘right to life’ campaigners who flew to the UK last week to drum up support worldwide for the 11-month-old boy,” the article titled “The US pastor with a criminal record at the bedside of Charlie Gard” states.

That “criminal record” is not clarified and detailed until paragraph six, after the photo: “The 63-year-old pastor has been jailed in the US for defying a court order that prohibited him from demonstrating front of abortion clinics in Houston, Texas. He was also jailed briefly by Chinese authorities for trying to pray in Tiananmen Square in 2008.”

Yes, that is correct: Mahoney has been jailed over his free speech, protesting abortion in Texas and being persecuted in China over prayer.

To confirm that FAKE NEWS element to the story, next the Telegraph writes that “A source previously close to Charlie Gard’s parents Connie Yates and Chris Gard has spoken of their [the source’s] dismay at the apparent hijacking of the campaign and the attack on Great Ormond Street Hospital.”

The UNNAMED source, who is now NO LONGER around the parents as the case becomes one of eugenics and a Right to Life debate.

Telegraph’s Chief Reporter Robert Mendick can now be officially counted among those who are PRO-DEATH for this disgusting excuse of reporting.

The Mirror published a similar disgusting article titled “‘Charlie Gard’s parents should let him die’: Mum whose baby’s life support was turned off tells of own agonising decision” exploiting the tragic death Baby Conor to relay their pro-death propaganda.

The child’s mother discusses the incident, her decision, even admitting that this case is different and well over a decade later, before revealing a darkness and hopelessness too common in the EU:

“They’ve said, ‘Until you’re in this situation, you don’t understand the power of hope.’

“I do understand. But ‘hope’ for what?

“Life with very little, if any, independence and meaningful experience? That’s what life would have been for Conor if we’d tried to prolong it for him, and that’s almost certainly what Charlie’s life will be like if it’s allowed to continue.

“That, to me, isn’t hope. It’s a living death. I didn’t want that for my baby, who I loved just as much as the Gards love their son.


Of course, the grieving mother speaks the truth in the end: “I also think there’s no right and wrong in terrible cases like this – it’s not black and white, and every case, every baby and family, is different. Charlie’s parents can only do what they believe is best, whatever the rest of us think.”

Well, sadly the parents are NOT getting to decide what is best, the death panel is deciding the fate of this baby. That is evil, pure and simple.


photo/ Gerd Altmann via pixabay

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