Published On: Mon, Jun 25th, 2018

Factors that affect your website performance

Is your website slowing down because of tedious coding or poor SEO? Is it falling behind in meeting its stated objectives? Does it fail to deliver leads and conversions online for your business?

In this article, we have enlisted the reasons why your website isn’t performing optimally or things that you can do to save time and get more done.There may be a host of reasons why the website that you have created with so much effort isn’t performing optimally.  

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Some of them are:

1 – Domain Services

1a. Choose The Website Name carefully- Though most of the business may consider this is as an irrelevant factor but the name that you select for the website plays a crucial role in driving the online traffic.

It is advisable to select the names that are easy to remember and reminds the consumer about your business. The idea is to create a permanent name that remains etched in the memory of the user in the virtual world.

1b. Find a company that can offer dedicated web-hosting services– The web host is an administrator that helps you to search and buy the domain name for your business. It is through him that you can register the domain and create a website.  What distinguishes chaff from the wheat is the expertise.

For example, a good web host service will help you to increase the visibility of the website in the search engine, equip you with the virus scammers, and allow your customers to contact you through the online form. They will install functional plugins on the website and offer you an email address through which you can gauge the website performance, and even offer you discounts.

Some of the reputed web host service providers include GoDaddy, Namecheap, Immotion, WordPress, to name a few. You will need to go through these different websites to understand the kind of services that they offer and whether it meets the interests of your business or not.

1c. Buy the domain name thoughtfully– Once you have selected the domain name and web hosting service provider, the next step is to think about the domain extensions.  For example, you want to name your small business website as www.investmentadvisory.com, but the extension is not available, you can select from .in, .co,.org,.gov, depending upon the business you have and the location.

Country extensions work the best if you have a local business and want to develop it further in that area. They are named as Top Level Domain. Mostly the businesses use.com as.gov is used for the governmental website, while may websites resort to .in,.net. etc. But do you know the domain extensions that you select impact the search engine results.

1d. Web Hosting Package– There are three kinds of packages available for your business including starter, economy and deluxe-all three are available at the different rates and thus providing different incentives.

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For instance, if you select the economy package the web hosting service provider will offer the business man with 30GN disk space, unmetered and Mt SQL data base, it will also detail you about the server connection speed, which will further affect the speed of the website.

2 – Digital marketing factors

SEO plays a crucial role in improving the speed of the website. There are several ways on how you can increase the conversation rate of the business.

2a. Install bread crumbs smartly – Breadcrumbs give the web crawler an idea of how the website can be navigated. This navigational assistance not only provides a roadmap for the people, but also helps Google to determine your website structure. That’s why it makes sense to install breadcrumbs on the website.

2b. Improve the bounce rate-Nowadays, people largely depend upon the organic search results. That means every part of the site can become an entry zone. So, it is a duty of the webmaster to navigate the visitors and make them reach the right place.

2c. Poor Traffic- The website can be optimized fully and may have the detailed content but in order to make your website perform optimally you need to fix any crawl errors. Google Webmaster tools provide you the directions.

A simple solution is to implement 301 redirect that redirect the website in a manner so that the rankings of the website are not affected and there are no chances of content duplication.

2d. Reduce the pixel size of the images– Images play a vital role in building the image of the image of the business. The only con of using the image is they occupy a lot of space bandwidth if you are not able to compress it properly.

There are a various tools available in the market like Image Magick that lower the image size without hampering the quality. Also, make sure that you don’t upload big images, there is no idea in putting a high resolution photo on the blog that is to be viewed on the mobile device.

2e. Sitemap– A propersite map also accelerate the speed of the website as it helps Google or search bots to crawl easily on the website.

3 – Other factors

There may be several other factors that may hamper the performance of the website like

3a. Poor Content– Traditionally, businesses used to consider web designing, development, conceptualization as a package, but now over the years, various progressive companies have understood the importance of the specialist approach towards creating compelling content.  

Hence, it is important for a company to select a content writer that exerciseshis due diligence and understands the kind of audience before writing the masterpiece. The website requires a combination of different kind of content put together for the readers.

For example meta tags requires the writer to write short and crisp content that can be easily digested by Google.  Blog content writing is different, landing page writing has a different scope.

3b. Poor coding-Poor coding can play havoc with your website. It slows down the website and negatively affects the load speed. Hence, the web-developer should implement various optimizers to avoid the impact of poor coding.

3c. Spam my emails – Optimal website performance is also affected by the spammy emails. So it is important to keep a tab of it. This can be done by installing the apt email services and software that come with spam protection.


It is clear that great website performance cannot be left to chance. It requires shrewd management on regular basis across different factors. This is the only way you can ensure that your website continues delivering leads and conversions for your business online.

Author: Alfaiz Ahmed

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