Published On: Sat, Apr 9th, 2016

Facebook petitioned to add polyamorous for relationship status

Users have created a petition to persuade Facebook to add “polyamorous” to the list of relationship designations.
Facebook already includes the obvious relationship designations such as “single,” “engaged,” or “married,” but has also added “It’s complicated,” and “in an open relationship.”
The Huffington Post reported that user Philly Cashion is part of the group pusing for the addition of  “polyamorous” to its list of relationship designations.
Polygamy logo by Akrabbim via wikimedia commons

Polygamy logo by Akrabbim via wikimedia commons

“I’m in a triad polyamorous relationship so there is no main partner in our relationship, the three of us are equal,” Cashion told The Huffington Post. “I know we can’t all marry and loads of other things people normally get. But being able to show our relationship in an authentic fashion in Facebook would be nice.”

Facebook has already made some changes to be more inclusive of those who do not identify with common relationship or gender categories.
The social media site has expanded the way users can describe their gender identity.
Facebook hasn’t commented on the petition which now has over 3,000 signatures.
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