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Expert tips to improve your website presence on Instagram for better promotions

Social media marketing is gaining largely in momentum and strategies for it needs constant engagement and actions to find success. On social media, clicks, likes, and follows decide the results. SEO is a crucial part of any online marketing strategy, but if you don’t face and beat the competition of other brands with your right-in-time and most engaging content, you are doomed.

In fact, social media can be a very powerful ally for the small brands too who are trying to grow and keep pace with the market with their online presence. You need not have a huge budget to be effective, say for example the Facebook ads. Similarly, Instagram too put forth plenty of opportunities now for the marketers to enjoy the best benefits. Here, let’s discuss a few such design strategies to help you in web content development for Instagram.

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Why Instagram?

Marketers are still doubtful about campaigning on Instagram but see the below stats.

  • The reach of organic marketing on Facebook has come down about 63% over last few years whereas the reach of Instagram’s organic marketing grown to 115%.
  • More than double of the count of users engage with brands on Instagram compared to Facebook.
  • Instagram records about 58% more engagement than Facebook.
  • Compared to the enormous 93% of the marketers on Facebook, Instagram has only 36% of marketers which is in the growing phase.
  • Stats show that the brands on FB reach to only 6% of the followers with each post whereas the Instagram brands reach 90% of the followers.

Instagram promotion design strategies

  1. Instagram is all about visuals

Users will come close if they can instantly recognize brands which buy Instagram followers. To do this well, you have to follow these primary rules.

  • Create consistent visuals of quality.
  • Follow unique color schemes and stick to it.
  • Make sure that you use the same filters for images.
  • Make the captions, hashtag, and text simple and don’t overcrowd.
  1. Use a professional

If you don’t find yourself as creative or innovative, it is always better to hire a good designer to create your Instagram posts. You need to consider it as seriously as designing your web pages and your visual presence on Instagram presence is much more crucial than web pages nowadays.

You can also consider deploying a social media marketing manager or consult a freelance service provider with solid experience in photography and design to take up your social media accounts management. To convert your followers into prospective customers, it takes a lot of work on Instagram, which is an expert’s task.

  1. Make the most out of your images

Designers need to take extra care of visuals. It is quite common that bands may share the same posts in many networks they are present. Rather than making it unique across the platform, the social media marketing best practice is to adapt your mode of messaging based on the platform and nature of the audience.

The significant advantage of Instagram is that images are much more global than the text. However, it is not just images, but you need to focus on image description and other text parts too to drag attention of the viewers and convert them.

Author bio: Kenny Wayne is well known as a social media marketing blogger among the online digital marketing fraternity. His articles focusing on how to buy Instagram followers and how to get FB likes for business content are primarily followed.

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