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Everything about Earning Money on Affiliate Programs

Taking part in affiliate programs is a great way of getting passive income for any type of business. Everyone can create their own website and constantly earn money. Affiliate or partner programs are part of the growing market of performance tracking and monetization marketing. It is believed that the context, CTA, retargeting, and other non-media formats account for 85% of all advertising money, which makes this sphere even more interesting.

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The Art of Selecting an Affiliate Program

The principle “I will go there because they pay more” does not work here. If you are promised a gold mine, this is just for you to reflect on. The issue of choosing a partner should be approached consciously, and this will require understanding how the world of partner programs works. To get an instant outcome installment loans affiliate program should be selected attentively.

Principle of Operation

Affiliate programs are created by product manufacturers, service providers, or intermediaries that help businesses sell goods or services. The basic principle of work is that the partner helps the company sell their goods or services. For this, the company pays to the partner. It is the percentage from each transaction or a fixed amount.

Let’s take a look at a simple example of how to organize the work with partners:

  • The partner places advertising materials/ promo texts/ marketing copy on his website that generate a traffic stream to the advertiser’s site.
  • Some people may buy a product or service.
  • The advertiser pays the partner remuneration for the transactions.

This is a particular example. Of course, all advertisers and partners differ in terms of how they work and the percentage they get for the promotion done.

Types of Affiliate Programs

The effectiveness of cooperation depends on the choice of the partner program. You need to determine what kind of program suits your business. And this is associated not only with your desire to earn money, but also with the type of traffic you have, how much the product suits your audience, how you posted your advertising materials, and many other factors.

The format of remuneration payment is one of the parameters for selection the affiliate program, but it is not the only one. In 2018, the most popular payment formats are:

  • Pay per click (PPC). The webmaster places pre-selected advertising materials on the site. When visitors click them and go to the advertiser’s site, the webmaster receives a reward on his personal account.
  • Payment for impressions (PPV). Site owners receive money for the number of impressions of promotional materials. Traditionally, each thousand impressions are paid out. The number of referrals is irrelevant and is not taken into account for the formation of remuneration.
  • Payment for the sale (PPS). After the transition through the affiliate link, the user enters the advertiser’s site. The webmaster receives a fee in the form of deductions of a percentage of the purchase amount. This type of cooperation is traditional for online stores.
  • Payment for actions (PPL). The reward is formed when the user acts on the advertiser’s site. There are affiliate programs that pay for registration, downloading files, watching videos, filling out a questionnaire, etc. On the Internet, this is often called pay for leads.

All the above payment formats are popular today. What’s important for you is to select the one that is the most beneficial for your business niche.

Working with LeadsGate

You can integrate LeadsGate’s affiliate program into your site in three different ways.

  • Send leads to your affiliate link.
  • Integrate the Javascript webform into the website by copy-pasting the custom-made code.
  • Use an API to get traffic. This feature is rather technical but can lead to high profits.

LeadsGate provides its affiliates with an opportunity to earn huge money for a single sale. What is more, they also have a referral program, paying you 5% profit of each affiliate you refer. Increase your passive income together with LeadsGate.

Author: leadsgate.com

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