Published On: Wed, Apr 2nd, 2014

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood attacks churches in Cairo suburb, 4 shot and killed

New reports detail how Muslim Brotherhood members attacked two churches in the Cairo suburbs, opening fire and killing at least four people.

In Ain Shams, Brotherhood supporters attacked the Virgin Mary and Archangel Michael Coptic Christian Churches with gunfire and setting the place of worship on fire, killing four, reports The Christian Post in a Mar. 31 article.

One Coptic woman was “savagely mauled and molested before being murdered” after they Muslim extremists recognized her cross.

“Once they saw that she was a Christian [because of the cross hanging on her rear view mirror], they jumped on top of the car, to the point that the vehicle was no longer visible,” Mary Sameh George, an eyewitness told “90 Minutes.” “The roof of the car collapsed in. When they realized that she was starting to die, they pulled her out of the car and started pounding on her and pulling her hair-to the point that portions of her hair and scalp came off. They kept beating her, kicking her, stabbing her with any object or weapon they could find.”

Oh how lucky you are, Mary, you who are beloved of Christ. They tore your body because of the Cross. Yet they offered you the greatest service and gave you a name of honor as one who has attained the crown of martyrdom,” wrote Coptic Bishop Raphaeil.

Witnesses contend that Egyptian State Security did not intervene and know who the attackers are, but have made no arrests.

Added the eyewitness: “Let me tell you, here in Ain Shams, we [Christians] know that every Friday is a day of death; that the day after Friday, Saturday, we’ll be carried to the morgue!”


Muslim Brotherhood Logo

Muslim Brotherhood Logo


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  1. Muslims brutally stab and beat Christian woman | End Time Bible Prophecy says:

    […] on top of the car, to the point that the vehicle was no longer visible,” the eyewitness told “90 […]

  2. edward craig says:

    The Coptic woman was indeed killed by gunfire, but by the Ministry of the Interior police , not by the liberal youth protesting the military coup. The medical examiner reports her death to gunshot wounds.

    There have been many non-protestors shot, along with multiple thousands of students and youth.

  3. Muslims Molest Christian Woman, And Then Savagely Rip Her Hair Off And Stab Her To Death | Walid ShoebatWalid Shoebat says:

    […] mob of Muslims in Egypt charged at a Christian woman while she was in her car, pulled her out, molested her and mauled her, before stabbing and beating her to […]

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