Published On: Fri, Aug 12th, 2016

Donald Trump wants massive infrastructure stimulus, blames President Obama, Hillary Clinton for ISIS

QUICK: Donald, back to Scott’s point, though, we have had several of your biggest supporters who have come on our air this week to talk about your economic plan who said that they love your economic plan, they think it’s a big winner. That includes Carl Icahn, Steve Forbes, Larry Kudlow who’s talked about all of these issues.  But all of them said they wish you would stick to the economic message.  They think the issues you brought up along the way are unforced errors. What do you tell them?

TRUMP: Well, I don’t think I’ve made too many errors. Look, I’ve beat 17 people. I started with 17. I now have one person who I think is pretty close to incompetent, Hillary Clinton. I think she’s pretty close to incompetent.  Take a look at The Washington Post story about Hillary Clinton from two days ago.  I couldn’t believe they wrote it because they never write anything bad about her. So they wrote a story about Hillary Clinton was a disaster as a senator from New York. She promised everything, delivered nothing.  She was going to create a wonderful economic boom in Upstate New York. Same words she uses right now. And she not only created no boom, New York state, Upstate New York, and various other parts she was talking about became disaster areas. And they are a disaster area. People have fled. Businesses have left. They’ve gone to Mexico and other places.  It’s a disaster. And then they compared that with my record which was done by Steve Quaso in the New York Post where I built the city on the west side, I rejuvenated the grand terminal area when I built the Grand Hyatt. The Columbus Circle area when I did Trump International hotel and tower, I was there first. I got it going. And so many other areas. And I mean, it was a very nice story.  But i’ve done a lot. And I’ve done a lot in terms — they even mentioned the skating rink which was open for – which was closed for seven years and they had spent $21 million  trying to do it. And I had it fixed up in four months and opened and I have it to this day. And it’s a tremendous success. I mean, it’s a big difference. But Hillary Clinton, that Washington Post – everybody ought to get that story and put that aside of her phony speech she’ll make today in the afternoon.  Read that story. Two days ago. She was a disaster for New York. She put in virtually no bills. The only bills were naming of a building and something that didn’t matter much. Like very, very unimportant. Got nothing passed. And all of her talk about Upstate New York and all of her talk about revitalization was a total catastrophic event. And the voters of New York saw that and they were not happy.

QUICK: Mr. Trump, I appreciate you’re sticking to message.  I’ve seen your article. I read it. But you’re doing a good job of sticking to the message, but you have had Republican senators and congressmen who have disavowed you because of some of the other comments that have come up this week. How do you even work with these people if you are elected? Are you going to –

TRUMP: Well, I have a lot of support within Republicans. But whenever somebody doesn’t support me, it becomes a bigger story. You know, I just — look. When I won when I beat these 17 people because there were really 18 if you think. When I beat the 17 people, I wasn’t exactly making myself popular.  And I wasn’t an insider. I was an outsider. Because of the fact — I used to be like establishment. And then when I ran, I was the opposite of establishment. And I beat these people very badly. All right?  So all of a sudden — and that’s when I did best. Frankly, when they were fighting me, those were —

QUICK: Sure.

TRUMP: — That was when I did best.

QUICK: But you do realize this is a different stage now.

TRUMP: We have a lot of support.

QUICK: I know and I see it at your rallies.  But this is a different stage, Mr. Trump.

TRUMP: No. So many other senators are supporting me.  We actually do. But you have some people that as an example, the list that signed, these are the people that got us into Iraq. These are the people that got us into all of the messes we’re in all over the Middle East. These are the people that have us in an economic condition where China has literally ripped the heart out of us. Where China’s taken so much money that they’ve rebuilt themselves and they’re building massive military complexes in the middle of the South China Sea. These are the people that represented us.  They know they’re not working for me. I don’t want these people. These people did a terrible job. And they know they’re not getting jobs from me so they’ll go to the other side.

QUICK: But if you look at the polls —

TRUMP: Whatever happens, happens. I’m giving it straight. I don’t know that it will work because I’m a non-political person and I’m proud of that. But I’m giving it straight.

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