Published On: Tue, Sep 1st, 2015

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton dominate coverage on The Dispatch

photo/ donkey hotey

photo/ donkey hotey

Media bias is rampant and covering the GOP candidates has been a challenge and quite revealing. In fact, earlier this month it became clear how disproportionate the coverage has been: Donald Trump gets over 30 minutes of coverage on the big networks, Jeb Bush gets 9 minutes and no other candidate receives more than two minutes.

Below is our analysis of coverage on The Dispatch, a reveal which illustrates that are as guilty as the mainstream press, giving Trump much more coverage (good or bad) than his fellow GOP candidates. Trump has been mentioned 25 times and has been in the title as often as the next GOP candidate: Bush (at 11).

On the Democratic side, no surprise that Hillary Clinton has dominated the news: 19 stories over 9 mentioning Bernie Sanders. Even including Joe Biden, which many polls now do, show that the VP is way behind Clinton in coverage.

Overall, the posts here are “what people are talking about” and the big surprise is Lindsey Graham and Rick Santorum getting a strong mention (ahead of Marco Rubio, Joe Biden), but much of that is their negative performance in polls and at the August debate.

Total numbers of articles with a name mention, appearances in the headline (posted during August 2015)

Donald Trump          25      11

Jeb Bush                    11        3

Ben Carson                10       5

Ted Cruz                    10       3

Rand Paul                   9       3

Scott Walker              8       2

Lindsey Graham       7       4

Chris Christie            7       3

Rick Santorum          7       2

Marco Rubio              7       1

Carly Fiorina             6       4

Rick Perry                  6       0

George Pataki           5        2

John Kasich               5       1

Mike Huckabee         5       1

Bobby Jindal             4       1

Jim Gilmore              4       1



Hillary Clinton        19       13

Bernie Sanders        9         5

Joe Biden                 5          3

Martin O’Malley     4         0

Jim Webb                4         0

Lincoln Chafee       3         0

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  1. Barbara Dayan says:

    Bernie Sanders Teaches College Students about Democratic Socialism

    Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who is the front-runner in New Hampshire, explains to college students what democratic socialism is in this YouTube video. “Why you shouldn’t be scared of the term socialism.”


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