Published On: Mon, Oct 24th, 2016

Do You Need a Condo or a House?

The notion of moving into a new home or buying a new place can be very exciting for you. You look forward to the opportunity of having your own place, decorating and designing the area to make it as comfortable and inviting as possible and call it home. Of course, finding just the right place can sometimes be tricky. There are a tremendous amount of housing options and opportunities available to you today not just in terms of location but also in the types of property that you can purchase. You are likely going to see a number of houses and condos for sale when you take a look at the Kensington real estate that is available today. This may lead you to question whether or not you need a condo or house for your new home.

photo Alina Ku-Ku via Shutterstock

photo Alina Ku-Ku via Shutterstock

The Advantages of a House

There are some advantages to owning a house you purchase with the help of Michael Karimi instead of a condo. When you buy a house, you are also buying the land that surrounds it and goes with it. This can provide you with the lawn space and landscape that can be more enjoyable for you and your family, something that you may not get when you buy a condominium. Also, when you buy a house, you have the ability to make all kinds of renovations to best suit your particular wants and needs. You can knock down walls, make additions, and change things significantly if you wish. Condo living only provides for a certain amount of renovation on your part because you do not directly own the structure. When you work with a real estate agent like Michael Karimi realtor, your agent can go over the specifics with you regarding allowable renovations so you can see if a house is really a better option for you.

The Advantages of a Condo

Owning a condominium also has its own set of advantages. First, when you buy a condo it is going to be significantly more affordable for you than if you were buying a house. Condos can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars less and still provide you with a very comfortable and luxurious place to live. When you buy a condo you may also get access to a number of perks and amenities that you likely would have to pay extra for if you own a home, such as a swimming pool or access to a gym or fitness center. Also, when you own a condo, you do not have to worry about tending to the property and landscape on your own. The condo association will take care of the property on your behalf so you do not have to be concerned with things like mowing the lawn, shoveling snow or trimming trees.

There are pros and cons to homeownership and condo ownership that you may want to consider before you make your purchase. When you are looking at the Kensington MD homes for sale today, take the time to talk to Michael Karimi so you can determine just which type of home may be best suited for you. Michael is an experienced real estate agent in the area and can help to point you in the right direction so that you can see condos or houses that are suited well for you and can assist you to locate the type of home you want.

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