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Posted By Brandon Jones On Friday, June 28th, 2013 With 2 Comments

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Raphael Sbarge from Once Upon a Time will preview his new show Murder In The First and his other projects

Director Jon Erwin to discuss his new film Mom’s Night Out and writing the upcoming film Coffee Shop

Actor Robert Amaya will talk about Mom’s Night Out, his role in Courageous and October Baby

Actor James DuMont discuss his roles in films: Dallas Buyers Club, Lee Daniels’ The Butler as well as Treme, American Horror Story

Twilight star Andrea Gabriel will preview her new music video “Clever Girl” and reflect on her resume of work on Lost, Gossip Girls, 2 Broke Girls and more



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Band of Brothers star Peter O’Meara to discuss his role on the Irish crime drama Love/Hate, new films Traders and Beautiful Ones - Full interview HERE

Dallas Buyers Club star Scott Takeda to discuss the film and his other projects such as Everything Must Go, Little Fockers and David Fincher’s upcoming film Gone Girl - listen to the full interview HERE

Dr. Joel McDurmon to discuss his new book Noah: The True Story, detailing the facts in scripture and helping other understanding the meaning – Great conversation, check it out HERE

Francis Rooney, former US Ambassador to the Vatican, will discuss his new book The Global Vatican, the power of the Catholic Church on world affairs, Pope Benedict XVI - Listen to the full interview HERE

Charlene and Earl “Peanutt” Montgomery discussing their new book: The Legend of George Jones – Full length interview HERE

Margi McCombs, American Bible Society, to offer Tips For Talking To Kids About the Story of Jesus – check it out HERE

True Blood star Carrie Preston to preview the final season of the hit HBO show, her award winning work on The Good Wife and her film Life Itself – LISTEN HERE

Famous actor Ed Asner to discuss his upcoming film The Games Maker, his one man FDR show as well as his famous roles on Mary Tyler Moore, Up, Elf and many others – Check out the interview HERE

House of Cards star Michel Gill to talk about the season 2 ending, what is ahead the show and his new pilot - HERE

Skeet Ulrich to discuss his next films 50 to 1, Lost in Austin as well as his work in Scream and the cult favorite Jericho TV series. – Full interview HERE

Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, Andromeda) talks about God’s Not Dead, talking to atheists, the legacy of Hercules and what’s next – check it out HERE

Good Luck Charlie star Shane Harper talks God’s Not Dead, reflects on the Disney sitcom and confirms a new album is coming – listen to the full interview HERE

Actor Michael Potts to discuss HBO’s hit show True Detective and his other great roles. – Check it out HERE

John C McGinley discusses Ground Floor, TBS renewing the show for a second season, Scrubs and his work with Down Syndrome – check out the full interview HERE

Choreographer, Director Jeffrey Hornaday to discuss his new film Teen Beach Movie and his long resume of great work on films such as Carlito’s Way, Flashdance, Dick Tracy and Captain Eo - Great interview HERE

Actor David Mazouz to discuss his role in the upcoming film The Games Maker and his role as the young Bruce Wayne on the new TV series Gotham - Check out the full interview HERE

Actor Scott Elrod to discuss his starring role in Home Run as well as his work in Argo, Lone Survivor, his appearance on Anger Management – Listen HERE

Good Luck Charlie star Shane Harper discusses his role in God’s Not DeadCharlie and working on new music

Todd Burpo will discuss  the new film Heaven is For Real, adapting the book for film, working with the creators and much more – Listen HERE

Screenwriter, Script Doctor Brian Godawa to discuss the upcoming film Noah, his book Noah Primeval and what Christians should expect when they view the new film – Listen to this HERE

Brandon Chase, former contestant on The Voice, discsses his experiences on season 5 of the popular show, the first song from his upcoming album and share his amazing testimony

Sarah Simmons, an alum of The Voice to reveal some insight in her new recordings,talk about appearing on The Voice and her journey since the show – Listen HERE

Olivia Henken talks about her new album “The Ride” while reflecting on her appearance on NBC’s The Voice - HERE

Former Gov. Jesse Ventura to discuss his new Ora.TV show Off the Grid and some top stories in the news – Full interview HERE

Actress Amelia Rose Blaire to discuss True Blood, her role and the final season – Full interview is here

Actress Jenn Gotson to discuss Doonby, Alone Yet Not Alone, her current film projects, Ron Howard and more – Listen HERE

Actor Austin Basis to discuss Beauty and the Beast season 2, his character J.T. and what next for the show

Jake Olson, a teenage blind cancer survivor, who made headlines by playing in his school’s football team will discuss his new book Open Your Eyes revealing his motivations and advice for others – Listen HERE

Michael Tait, Newboys lead singer discusses Winter Jam, worship in Jam Church, their new album ‘Restart and more – LISTEN HERE

Cindy Morgan, actress in Tron and Caddyshack  (Cindy’s official website here) – LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE



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Brandon Jones broadcast Dispatch Radio

Brandon Jones broadcasting during Dispatch Radio

We are The Global Dispatch and our radio show is a “Cliff Notes” of the news with a dash or two of commentary and interviews. We seek out experts and entertainers to provide additional insight on topics.

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. – Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788 – 1860)

Robert Herriman broadcasting Dispatch Radio

Robert Herriman on air during Dispatch Radio

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. – Martin Luther King Jr.

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