Published On: Mon, Apr 11th, 2016

Different Types of Doors Found on Industrial Premises

Industrial premises are accessed through GRP doors, crash doors or industrial doors. Because of the fact that these types of premises often contain high value and potentially dangerous items, it is of the utmost importance that security is maintained at all times. Therefore, the doors must also be made of high quality materials. Enerco who install fast, high speed rapid roll doors, make sure doors are created to the exact specifications of the client. Those doors are made to measure, installed properly, and looked after once installed, generally through service contracts. Let’s take a look at some of the types of doors that are out there.

Roller Shutter

The roller shutter is a really good security solution for any type of industrial building, whether they are new, existing, or refurbished. These types of doors literally roll upwards when they are opened, and down on closing. This makes them very strong. Additionally, it means that they are perfect for doors that have a limited vertical space. This is due to the fact that the door itself rolls into a tube, which is placed above the door itself.

Sectional Doors

These are increasingly popular types of doors, as they are both efficient and highly affordable. As a result, these are found in more and more industrial premises all over the world. A sectional door has separate panels that open and close it. These panels are individually controller, which is where the name has come from. They can open electronically or manually, and they are very smooth to control.

Personnel Doors

This is, as the name suggests, doors suitable for human access to industrial buildings. They can be found on the outside of the buildings itself, enabling staff and visitors to enter it, but also within the building itself, enabling foot traffic between different parts of the building itself. They come in all shapes and sizes and are almost always made to measure. They also come in a range of materials, ranging from lightweight models, to heavy duty reinforced steel for added security.

Fast Action Doors

These doors are dynamic, rapid, and often self-repairing. Their opening speeds is adjustable, enabling individual users to determine how fast it should. The doors are most suitable for areas of high traffic, where it is vital that people can walk through as quickly as possible. These are cost effective, low maintenance doors. They usually have curtains on, which means they can reseal should they be hit by traffic. In so doing , there is rarely a requirement for engineers to come out, keeping repair bills to a minimum.

Clearly, if you have an industrial building, you need to consider access both for personnel and machinery. There are various types of doors that you can choose from, as you can see. Make sure you contact a company like Enerco to find out what types of solutions are most suitable for you. Together, you will be able to find a solution that is both safe and effective.

Guest Author: Lolita Di

Enerco roller-shutters doors

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  1. High Speed Doors says:

    Great article. there are various types of doors that customers can choose from.

  2. Charles Kemp says:

    The roll doors are so important in a workplace. I have seen them as bay doors and also doors to let the forklifts in and out of the rooms. Both times they were very useful and kept things out of those parts of the facility. One of my jobs had the roller doors so that you could keep the cold in the fridge area to keep all the milk and dairy products cold.

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