Published On: Wed, Feb 20th, 2019

Data Is In: Event and Experiential Marketing Set to Shine in 2019

A special report from EventMarketer for 2018 is out and according to the latest consumer survey data, event and experiential marketing will become much more prominent in 2019. With the rise of consumer interest and demand, businesses that want to increase their sales will need to invest more heavily in organizing events. This will serve to not only attract new customers and enhance the loyalty of regulars, but also to strengthen the brand greatly.

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Why Event and Experiential Marketing Rock in 2019: The Data

The Event & Experiential Marketing Industry Forecast & Best Practices Study by EventMarketer presents irrefutable proof that the consumers of today seek positive physical experiences. Therefore, organizing live events should be high on every brand’s agenda in 2019. According to the study, 85% of consumers are likely to buy after participating in them.

41% of consumers rate event marketing as the best advertising method, which puts it second, directly after company’s website (44%). As to raising brand awareness and creating a positive public image for the business, 91% of consumers admit that they developed more good feelings about a brand after participating in events it sets up.

Considering this data, the rise of event marketing is easy to understand. As events are so effective in making a positive impression on consumers and raising sales immediately, more businesses are organizing them. This process is also facilitated by the fact that setting up an event is very easy today. One only needs to contact furniture rentals and food caterers and these experts will help to create any kind of themed party within days. Due to the high demand, the rates offered by these services are reasonable, so even small businesses can easily afford to provide their customers with a great experience.

More importantly, such events can make up in creativity what they lack in luxury. Therefore, as long as businesses do a thorough customer research and understand the interests of their targeted audience, they can make even a small and affordable setup into a stellar success that will boost the brand’s profile.

One also shouldn’t forget that although the EventMarketer’s report is focused on consumers, they aren’t the only ones to be impressed with such things. A business can use these tools to solidify relationships with prospective partners or suppliers. A good celebration in honor of a deal will also help boost teamwork and morale, both of which help propel the business forward.

Types of Events That Can Boost a Business Fast

  • Customer panel.
    A customer panel can provide a business with invaluable insight, which exceeds any information one can garner through generic consumer reports. Adding some nibbles and setting it up and an informal meet-and-greet will help the business to gain more valuable information as people will be relaxed and open to sharing.
  • Trainings or lessons.
    Many businesses, especially startups that sell innovative solutions, can boost their sales greatly by providing free training on how to use those solutions. The informal and festive atmosphere, which turns this ‘lesson’ into a ‘party with educational benefits’ is fuel for both sales and garnering goodwill for the brand.
  • Open days.
    Open days are when a company can show off its culture, thus strengthening the positive image of the brand. These are important events for businesses that deal in the niches where transparency matters more. They also provide good opportunities for recruiting talent.

Holiday parties.
Everyone loves a party, especially when it’s marketed as an occasion to have fun, not a setup with a marketing agenda. Of course, the agenda is still there, but the influence of such event is rather passive, which is why it goes deeper and makes more of an impact in the long run. Parties for employees with their families and friends strengthen company culture, boost productivity, and ensure the word of mouth carries good things about the brand to different corners of the world.

Author: Jane Koval

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