Published On: Mon, Oct 8th, 2018

Creative and Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Office Mates

Your employees are the pillars of the organizations. They deserve appreciation and reward for their hard work. Whether it is a time of celebration or holiday or occasion, offering gifts to them can be the natural way to make them feel appreciated. But getting a gift for an office mate or employee is never easy. Even though you people meet five days of a week but it’s really tough to know what are their choices and what will be appropriate, what they like or what they hate? Choosing the right gifts for them, sometimes becomes a hectic and daunting task. Luckily, we have done work for you and put together a list of some creative and unique gifts that are available at different price points for your employees or office mates.

Laptop bag

This cool and stylish laptop bag is here to meet the needs of your employees. If your co-workers are required to carry their laptops to and from work, then this laptop bag will be a perfect gift for them. This gift can be the great way to show your gratitude. Other backpacks might be a small thing to carry all their large devices. Making this gesture from your side and put an excellent impression on them. Presenting this gift to them can also act as a strategic motivator.

Desktop storage shelf

Every company has at least 4 to 5 employees whose desk are regularly messed. You can help them by gifting a desktop storage shelf. This thing is a qualitative product which you can offer to them as a diwali gift for employees or on any special occasion. The desktop storage shelf is the right gift for your employees as it can help them to arrange all things in a well-organized manner. It looks neat, easy to use and will definitely sound fun for them too. Employees can use them to store different office supplies like files and other relevant documents.

photo/ Arek Socha

Customized pen drives

One of the basic need of employees are the pen drives that are used to share and exchange the data. Here you got another idea of gifting. A personalized pen drive! Yes! Your office mates will definitely love this gift. An innovatively crafted pen drive will make sure to leave them stunned. This gift will reflect his and the company’s personality too. Choose the stylishly and best-personalized pen drive from the gift store and gift your employee something that they will love to flaunt and use.

Power banks

Your employees used to spend at least 8 hours in the office or at the job site. So, it’s common for phone batteries to drain during the working hours. With a portable power bank, they can charge their mobile phones. Cell phones are the basic need of all. Actually, we can say that it’s a lifeline. You can remove the cause of being panicked by gifting a power bank to them.  Your worker can charge their anywhere and anytime.

Cell phone holder

Cell phone holder! A perfect add-on to any desktop. With this funny cell phone holder one can see the screen without having to pick the phone up. This gifts will appear to be the best with a fantastic cake. Yes! An amazing combination of sweetness and creativeness into one combo. The cell phone holder will meet the needs of your employees and cake will add sweetness in the moments. So, go and buy a cellphone holder along with a delicious cake. Get the cake in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai or wherever you want it to be. Sweeten the taste buds of your employees and help them to do a variety of tasks like voice to text notes, picking up a phone call and many more.

Author: Catherine Williams

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