Published On: Mon, Aug 20th, 2018

Corporate gifts: Select the right gift to express gratitude

In childhood, we were thought the lesson of expressing gratitude for any help or favours received. Different people have different ways of expressing their gratitude. Usually, people use the word “thank you”! The gifting culture is not only limited to family and friends but is also followed in corporate and non-profit organisations. However, many people and organisations go beyond saying thank you and writing thank you notes. It is a very nice gesture of expressing gratitude and maintaining good relations with clients as well as employees.

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These days with the rise of competitive nature in corporate companies the sending and receiving a gift is not just a choice but a necessity. Also, the companies keep on searching for various new ways to gift and are in continuous search of creative and unique gifts, especially for clients. The gifting business is also growing and making highly creative gifts as per the demand of customers. Also, there is a rise in personalised gifts.

The business motives behind giving gifts

Generally, it is a basic nature of corporate companies to please their clients through thank you gifts. The type and cost of such gifts depend upon the purchases made by the client or the status of the client. E.g., if it’s a premium client, then luxurious and premium gift hampers are sent to such clients, and in case of normal clients, they are thanked through general or some personalised gift hampers.

It’s a fact that some corporate companies have a business motive behind sending thank you gifts to the client. The first objective is to maintain a good business relationship, and the other is not letting the client search for alternatives by giving the clients extraordinary gifts such as luxurious gifts and international travel packages. It is a common strategy of the corporate companies to retain their clients through such gestures in case they lose them.

Boosting employee’s contribution through gifts

The gifts are not just limited to the clients but also to the employees. The companies need their employees just as the employers need the company. There may arise many situations during the whole span of working in the same company that the employee may feel unwanted or have thoughts of changing the job. To avoid these things in employees, the corporate companies make sure that they express how much they value their employees and this is done through gift distribution. These gifts are different from what all employees receive at festivals and celebrations. The companies may give special rewards to their employees on the foundation day of the company expressing the gratitude for the employee’s contribution to the organisations. However, these gifts may vary depending upon the position an employee holds.

The gifting culture in corporate may differ from organisation to organisation; in general, the corporate companies believe in maintaining healthy relations through thank you gifts. Due to the rise in competition the need to maintain gifting gestures is become a vital part of corporate culture.

Author: Charlie Brown

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