Published On: Thu, Jun 30th, 2016

Common Irrigation Watering Mistakes to Avoid

Taking advantage of the services irrigation system installation companies can provide is especially helpful. These companies are able to set up irrigation systems, no matter the size of the property, so you don’t need to manually water the grass. It really makes it easier to stay on top of your lawn’s natural beauty. However, there are some common mistakes many people make that, in turn, can prove costly. From overspending on water to damaging your lawn altogether, these are common irrigation watering mistakes you need to avoid.

Don’t Just Set it and forget it

Here is a common one. Whether setting up the irrigation system for your business or home, many people set up the time and amount of water, then forget it. Problem is temperatures and rainfall vary not only from season to season but month to month and year to year. Due to this, you need to make adjustments to your irrigation system every several months (especially during the change of seasons). Summer requires more water than the spring and fall and even some areas of the lawn may need more areas than others. By working with your irrigation installation provider and the control unit, you’ll understand how to avoid this common problem and keep your home or business property looking beautiful.

Image Courtesy of publicbroadcasting.net

Image Courtesy of publicbroadcasting.net

Grass is Green So No Need to Water

The grass is green, so you don’t need to water, right? Wrong. This is a common problem many new irrigation system owners run into. The roots will begin to dry out before the blades of grass do, so by the time your lawn is brown (or browning) the roots have already dried out. You want to keep the roots exposed to moisture and not wait for the soil and the roots to dry out. After just two or three days of no rainfall in the summer the roots can dry out. It can take weeks to return the grass back to its original beauty and to reestablish a healthy root system. Due to this, it is best to follow your watering schedule for the week and not just turn off the water because the grass looks green.
Watering Every Day

This is on the flip side of the spectrum, but there is such thing as watering your business or personal property too much. There are a few reasons why you want to avoid this kind of situation. First, the soil and roots become flooded, essentially drowning the roots, killing the grass. The second issue is if you water every day, the roots of the grass become accustomed to having constant access to water. This means the grass roots will never grow deeper. When water is not present for a day or so, the roots will begin to grow downward, stretching out for more moisture that is locked further below. Deeper roots offer healthier grass that not only is thicker and fuller, but is less likely to pull out.

It Down-poured Last Night, So No Need to Water Today

This isn’t straightforward. It is best to talk to the irrigation system installation companies and make sure they install a sensor that can detect how much water is actually absorbed by the soil. Here is the thing with a sudden downpour. Often times when it is so heavy, it actually ends up running down the entire property and very little of it is absorbed by the lawn (the heavy rain essentially bottlenecks the rest of the moisture, preventing it from being absorbed). The sensor makes it possible to determine if watering is needed.

Guest Author: Angie Charda

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