Published On: Sat, May 17th, 2003

Comic Book Review: Starman, Batman Dark Victory


   The reviews…

Starman 0 James RobinsonSTARMAN (issues 0 and 1-5): I avoided this title when it hit the market — I’m not much into hype. This time, however, the hype was backed up with the best DC re-launch since they did Sandman. I was never into Starman, but James Robinson’s story deals with the history and sets up a future for this character that goes beyond engaging. Dealing with tragedy, a reluctant Jack carries on the Knight heritage and science of being Starman. Why do we really care? Because Jack is one of us. He is a fanboy. Running a shop of junk, the old stuff that only “WE” could appreciate, he doesn’t get along with his father (the old Starman) and he doesn’t even to care to understand the world that his father is from – full of super-villains and saving the city. This series was nominated for several awards and now I know why.

BATMAN: DARK VICTORY: Jeph Loeb (writer) and Tim Sale (artist) follow-up the The Long Halloween with a fantastic detective story. As a huge fan of the dark knight, Loeb manages to survive the two biggest pitfalls while writing the caped crusader: keep Batman a detective and not a superhero and involve the secondary characters. Batman attempts to solve an actual crime. There is mystery and intrigue, not just fist-a-cuffs with the latest escapee from Arkham. Loeb keeps us focused on the puzzling murders while interacting with ALL of the primary villains. The role of commissioner Gordon is not forgotten and we get a Robin that we don’t want to throw under a bus. Tim Sale’s approach on the diverse criminals is amazing. I actually liked Soloman Grundy. Anyway, great find – check it out.

On the pile…

ASTRO CITY (the series 1-3, some later stuff): Kurt Busiek’s complex universe of superheroes defending a large metropolitan city (stays on the pile for one more week).

Heavy Liquid: written, drawn, colored and lettered by Paul Pope – whew, and I bet you thought Todd McFarlane tried to do it all.

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Batman_Dark_Victory_5 Catwoman cover

Batman_Dark_Victory_8 Joker Cover

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