Published On: Mon, Oct 17th, 2016

Clintons, Obama and Democrats’ trail of dead bodies, KKK, Jim Crow, Whitewater and scandals

Whitewater was a real estate venture devised by James and Susan McDougall that turned 230 acres on the White River in Arkansas into vacation homes. The Clintons put no money into it, however their contribution was Hillary’s key role, as a corporate lawyer, in establishing and running it. What she established and ran was basically a scam for bilking the uneducated and elderly. One of the deceitful procedures of Whitewater was the bilking of money from clients, especially senior citizens, when selling area lots. 

Normally, with a legal contract, if you start missing payments and can’t work things out with the finance company, they will eventually repossess the property and, after paying off fees and debts, you will get back any remaining equity. In Whitewater, however, buyers signed a simple

purchase agreement that provided, in the small print at the bottom, that if the purchaser missed a single payment by 30 days, subsequent payments would be considered “as rent for the use of the premises.” In other words, the buyers did not actually take ownership of the property until the final payment was made. If a buyer missed just one monthly payment, all their previous payments would be classified as rent and they would have no equity in the land at all.

Close to half of the people who bought lots in Whitewater, whether they were farmers, laborers, retirees, or teachers, who missed one or two payments, were in trouble.  They then lost their land without getting any of their equity back. The properties would then be resold to new victims, at full original price. 

The Clintons continued their involvement, up until the 1992 election, when they tried to quietly get out of the investment. The Senate Whitewater Committee failed to name Hillary as a defendant even though she was heavily involved. The payment checks were sent to the Whitewater Development Corporation in care of Hillary Rodham Clinton. 

But Congress let her slide by, just like the FBI is doing now. 

Why are they waiting until after the 2016 elections to decide on criminal indictments?  

More government corruption? 

Why would honest God fearing Americans vote for Hillary?  You’d either have to be un-American, uninformed, or part of the Illuminati to support her and the criminal Democratic regime.

Continue to the next chapter, including some of the Clintons’ dead body list. Click HERE

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