Published On: Wed, May 20th, 2015

Chris Pratt confirms ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’ and two cameos

Marvel Studios plan films for years and years and while Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt is silent on details, he did confirm he will part of several upcoming films, hinting at another Guardians film after the 2017 sequel.

Reading between the lines, fans are jumping all over Pratt’s remarks to GQ: “I’m tied to doing three more, or five more, Guardians of the Galaxy or whatever it is, you know, two more Guardians plus another couple.”

Three more meaning Guardians or cameos….but wait, five? Fans are excited.

Pratt’s improv is key to his characters and while promoting Jurassic World, he opens up about to GQ his exploding popularity and fame. There’s great insight in working with James Gunn, bringing out his thoughtful side and dismisses a ton of other rumored films: Ghostbusters, Knight Rider and a new Indiana Jones film.

guardians-of-the-galaxy-chris-pratt-photoBack on Guardians and the Marvel Universe, Slash Film notes that “…the two-part Avengers: Infinity War seems more likely to involve Pratt’s Star-Lord. The Power Stone figured prominently into the first Guardians of the Galaxy, and Thanos will have to get his hands on it eventually if he wants the complete set…Other possibilities for Star-Lord are 2019’s Inhumans, which deals with a race of superhumans created by the Kree (Ronan’s people from Guardians of the Galaxy), and 2018’s Captain Marvel, which centers on a character who’s had extensive contact with the Guardians of the Galaxy in the comics.”

Pratt mentioned returning as Star-Lord. “I got teary-eyed,” he said of his first Guardians of the Galaxy 2 briefing with Gunn. “He’s so f***ing smart and peculiar.” But there’s still a lot he doesn’t know about it, like the plot. “[Gunn] just knows me too well to tell me too much,” said Pratt.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will arrive in theaters on May 5, 2017

guardians-of-the-galaxy-poster-arrives-team photo

CHris Pratt raptors Jurassic World movie poster

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